The man brought a hundred dogs and became a happy man

Мужчина завел сто собак и стал счастливым человеком

To become a happy person is not as difficult as it seems. This can help the dog. It is understood, where Audun, who at one point realized how much his annoying big city, took his wife and moved to the Norwegian city of Longyearbyen. It was here that he acquired a large kennel in which they live 110 dogs. And it seems that they are all happy, reports .

The town in which the family moved, small. Here live about two thousand people, most of them know each other. For trips to other towns people use the aircraft, because Longyearbyen is on the island of Spitsbergen at a distance of 1050 kilometers from the North pole.

Moving, where the couple was held two years ago. Initially, they were motivated to escape from the hustle and bustle and take care of the health of the dogs, but then the animals found an interesting lesson: they don’t just while away their days in the kennel and rolled tourists on safaris.

“I tried to live in a big city. I was always someone annoying. I was mad in the car, furious at the store raged all around. With dogs it’s different. Have you ever seen a dog that someone furious? No. Dogs don’t sit and think about the people who are doing something annoying. They know how to enjoy life. I am learning from them,” said Audun, where.

As writes the edition, the lucky one, apparently, already tired of the tourists. He wants to limit the number of people visiting the area.

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