The man decided to sell his old car and shot a cool video about her shortcomings

But I want to buy!

Чоловік вирішив продати свою стару машину і зняв круте відео про її недоліки

Canadian photographer Reid Sandbelt moved to permanent residence in New Zealand. In this regard, he had to sell his favorite Chevrolet Cobalt 2005, informs Rus.Media.

Many owners are deeply attached to their technique and soul in it is not fer, even if it has more disadvantages than advantages.

Reid also all your soul become attached to your car and even gave her the name Carmen. The man could not just let go of his Carmen and I decided to make a truthful video that will attract the attention of potential buyers. He told me about all the shortcomings of machines like the pros and I made a movie worse than in the advertisement of expensive cars.

RAID is a first car and a real friend with whom they had been in adventures and scrapes. In 17 years, the guy installed the radio and speakers, which are still his delight.

Reid did not hide the shortcomings of his swallows and talked about them as if it’s her dignity.

Чоловік вирішив продати свою стару машину і зняв круте відео про її недоліки

Reid said that the car starts is not the first time, but this is its highlight. Scratches on the case does not spoil the view, and give a special charm. The man showed how effectively falls off the window regulator handle, not allowing me to open the window. A night in the salon always has a nice orange backlight from the signal “Check”, which shouts about malfunction of the machine.

The video became so popular that it attracted the attention of not only buyers, but also local media.

Reid asks for his Carmen 799$, and some were willing to buy it just through advertising. On ebay the ad stayed there for 7 days, after which the man posted the video on YouTube. There the video went viral and gathered more than 27 thousand views. Recently, Reid said that happily sold my swallow, now she will delight the new owner.