The man from the Khabarovsk region spent two years with a nail in the head

Мужчина из Хабаровского края два года прожил с гвоздем в голове

A man from the village of El’ban in the Khabarovsk territory had lived for two years with a nail in the head, which got there during the repair. The wound seemed serious, so he just smeared it with green paint, according to “Province”.

The dowel-nail was in the nose and throat resident, however, did not cause the man discomfort. He turned to medicine only after he began to deteriorate hearing.

In 2018, the man was visited by specialists of the regional hospital №1. The doctors did x-rays of his head and found a steel foreign object. The doctors decided to perform the surgery for his extraction.

Doctor ENT Department Alexander Karpov said that the nail does not interfere with the auditory organs of Khabarovsk, but it was inside the body too long and caused inflammation.

“The difficulty was that the foreign body was located in the vicinity of large blood vessels that nourish the brain. Plus the main difficulty lay in the fact that the foreign body was located two years, and all this time was inflammation,” explained the medic.

Karpov noted that the nail was located so badly, that its removal by surgery can cause death of the patient. Fortunately, the operation was successful and soon the man will be discharged from the hospital.

A similar case occurred at the end of 2018 in the us Kansas. A resident of Derby accidentally shot himself in the head with a nail gun, leaving a “cartridge” inside.