The man got arrogant neighbor from the projects and he decided to teach

Мужчину достала наглая соседка из коммуналки и он решил её проучить

Live in a communal family of four. Only couple without small children. All normal people, no disasters. But there is one neighbor wild meanie: she likes very much to save at all, he borrowed someone else’s she’s just a joy. Tired of swearing, don’t like it. Decided to wean.

When the other two couples left for the summer to relatives, and we were going on vacation for a week, has done a tremendous setup. Knives were smeared with a thin layer drawing of the burning of the peppers, instead of the mouthwash was poured dishwashing of glasses, instead of the FAE a toilet instead of foam shaving foam Polish for plastic (have long suffered from the label), into the washer drum was covered by a powder paint in green, cognac in the refrigerator replaced the alcohol with tea (I think 80-85 degrees out), toilet paper gently unwound a meter and a half sprinkled with red pepper lightly and twisted back, hand soap antifreeze changed to pink, powder for color change on bleaching, sponge with Shoe Polish smeared hours. It was all with small notes, to understand, enjoyed it or not.

When I came back, we immediately called the cops, the neighbor yelled for a long time that we here want to kill her, the scandal was enchanting. When the cops heard all she used, ours, turned around and left, saying that it’s our stuff, and we can do what you want with them, without warning others. Especially one friend, the policeman could not hold back a smile when a neighbor told me that the ass was burning their toilet paper.

When checked the label, everything changed, it was used! Bingo! With us now not talk, but a neighbor has a blue-green faded jeans.

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