The man-hunt to find Martin Carpentier is perfectly orchestrated

La chasse à l’homme pour retrouver Martin Carpentier est parfaitement orchestrée

The wide man-hunt put in place by the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) to get Martin Carpentier, the father of the two girls left without a life Saturday, is meticulously organized and perfectly orchestrated.

At least that is the analysis that, in fact, Roger Ferland, a former investigator with the police Department of the City of Quebec (SPVM), and the fact of this type of major operation.

“In the case of a transaction as it lasts, it’s called operation, “plan, direct”. At this time, we don’t want too many initiatives. Everything is orchestrated by the post command that should receive the maximum information, not to say all the information as quickly as possible”, explains the expert, in the interview, aired on CTV, on Sunday morning.

The channel of communication enabling the sharing of accurate information must be frighteningly efficient.

The command post is a lead investigator, a person responsible for the research and survival in the forest, and a third person that complements the team, a leader, to plan everything. All information received will pass through the command post.

At the end of the operation, while the search area has been searched to the bottom, ensures that the former policeman.

State of mind of the fugitive

Difficult to know the state of mind of the fugitive, if he is still alive.

“At the start, it is a human being who was definitely in distress. [After 4 days of leakage], the fatigue is there for him, the hunger, the temperature, the storms can be, it is certain that his judgment is impaired. The last hours are difficult, both for him and for the police officers who are also humans. Him, he feels alone even more. It is very difficult to imagine what is going on in his head at this moment”, explains Roger Ferland.

Difficult to know if the man can be dangerous, but even a harmless person can become threatening if it feels trapped and hunted, confirms the ex-investigator Ferland.

One thing is for sure: “every minute that passes takes us away a little more of the possibility of the [up alive],” he concludes.

Martin Carpentier has still not been seen by police officers. Citizens say, however, to have seen it.

See the full interview in the video above.

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