The man of your dreams: how to charm a person you are crazy

Мужчина вашей мечты: как очаровать человека, от которого вы без ума

You can attract any partner, we need only to follow some pravilami a rule, when meeting with the person we love, we start to behave abnormally — it’s all in the excitement — and, of course, it is not question of attracting the interest of men.To the object of your desire still pay attention to you, we suggest you to try following guidelines, developed by the popular American psychologist in the distant× 60s. Let’s get started.Ulybnites knew in the first few seconds the man drew attention not so much on individual parts of your body, how your smile? In a sense, the love arises at first sight, but from the first smile, as shown by surveys of more than 1,000 men. However, it is not necessary to smile all the time: you can make a wrong impression.Pay attention to your appearance, Yes, inner peace is important, but the man has yet to figure it out, but for now your task is to get him to become interested in you. On a subconscious level a man need only a few minutes to understand, cause you feel like it or not. And most of the men admitted that personal hygiene in the perception of women plays a lesser role than stylish styling or gorgeous dress.Don’t forget about the visual contactnet nothing more attractive than a confident woman. As soon as you sat down to talk, not to hide your eyes, don’t look at the floor. Men love it when a girl is confident not afraid of conversation and eye contact.Be careful how you govorite all women are lucky to be born with a velvet voice, however, nothing prevents you to learn to control their voice, so as not to cause aversion from a potential partner. Not only women love with their ears: men are not less likely to lose control from the charming female voice. Why don’t you test that theory?Forget telefonet nothing more irritating than a companion, constantly distracted by the vibrating phone. Sure your girlfriend can wait until you return from your date and tell them everything. But at the time of communication try not to check social networks and warn friends in advance that you are busy this evening.Humor you poodidest of humor is not at all, but man it’s nice to chat with a partner who can defuse the situation. Agree, at the first meeting, the voltage on both sides just rolls over. But when you try to make a joke try not to touch your partner or others because you don’t know how unfamiliar your react to, like, a harmless joke.

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