The man was hit by a train to Taganskaya and survived

Мужчина попал под поезд на «Таганской» и выжил

Male from Moldova survived after falling under the wheels of a subway train in Moscow. The incident occurred on Tuesday at the station Taganskaya Koltsevaya line of the Moscow metro, according to AGN “Moscow”.

Saw the man on the tracks, the driver applied the emergency brake but the train continued to move by inertia and hit the fallen. The power line was disconnected for 10 minutes. The police on duty called an ambulance.

As a result 39-year-old guest of the Russian capital, previously, received a fracture of the left femur and was hospitalized in the Institute Sklifosovsky.

Law enforcement officers conducted a survey of witnesses of the incident, including the train driver. All the witnesses stated that the man on the tracks no one was pushing. For the investigation of the incident, the guards are going to examine the CCTV footage.

“This incident did not affect the work of the circle line. Ordered a review of surveillance video. Information about the incident was immediately directed to the Prosecutor’s office Moscow metro”, — said the press-Secretary of internal Affairs in Moscow metro Alex Myshlyaev.