The managers of a nightclub tried for having organized 22 clandestine parties

    The managers of a nightclub tried for having organized 22 clandestine parties

    The manager of a nightclub in Grenay, in Isère, and her brother, are on trial this Friday for organizing illegal parties. The latter ensures that his sister was not aware.

    The case started with a banal intervention by the gendarmes and ended in court. The manager of the César Palace nightclub, a well-known nightclub in the region, located by the roadside in Grenay, in Isère, and her brother appear this Friday before the Vienna Criminal Court for the organization of clandestine parties.

    Nightclubs have been closed in France since the first confinement in spring. This October 11, 2020, the gendarmes are still called for the night noise from the establishment. Their arrival causes a kind of panic, and several dozen cars try to leave the parking lot quickly. A young girl is also injured very slightly in the knee by one of the drivers, alcoholic.

    22 underground parties

    Inside the establishment are still the brother of the manager of the nightclub and a DJ. The gendarmes are also checking people leaving the premises. Summoned later by the investigators, all will admit having participated in parties at the César Palace, despite the administrative ban on night establishments as part of the state of health emergency.

    As part of the investigation opened for “non-compliance with closure during sanitary period”, “endangering the life of others” and “execution of hidden work”, the investigators will also note 22 consumption peaks energetic between March and October, suspecting that 22 clandestine parties were organized during this period at the César Palace.

    Many requests

    A police operation was carried out on November 25 at the disco, sound equipment was also seized. That day, the manager and her brother were taken into police custody. Before the investigators, then before the Criminal Court of Vienna during an immediate appearance on November 27 during which he had requested the referral of his case, the latter admitted the facts.

    The man explains that he initially organized parties in small groups, but said he was unable to resist the many requests and ended up launching underground parties, a source close to the investigation told . For these evenings, he received 1500 euros. He will also appear for “fraud” while touching during this period of partial unemployment. He completely clears his sister’s customs assuring that she was not aware of anything. The latter will ask for the release.

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