The mandate of the director was to be renewed

Le mandat de la directrice devait être renouvelé

The director general of the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, officially sacked yesterday for a matter of climate, unhealthy work that would last for months, had yet to indicate in June that its mandate would be renewed.

In recent days, sources who have requested anonymity have informed our Office of investigation, that it is an “internal war” between the chairman of the board of the museum, Michel de la Chenelière, and the director, Nathalie Bondil, which really led to the dismissal of the latter.

The departure of Ms. Bondil, one of the most respected people across the world in the field of museums, is linked directly to the appointment of Marie-Daily Desmarais, head of conservation at the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal (MBAM), announced on 6 July.

Marie-Daily Desmarais is the wife of Paul Desmarais III, one of two sons of Paul Desmarais Sr, a long time, the big boss Power Corporation.

Nathalie Bondil has not a bad opinion of Mary-Daily Desmarais, a-t-on opportunity to learn. However, it did not recognize the experience necessary for a position of this magnitude.

On 26 June, Michel de la Chenelière would have informed Ms. Bondil its mandate of DG would be renewed, show e-mail exchanges that we have obtained. In parallel, it would have made it clear that he expected that it fully endorses the process that led to the appointment of Ms. Desmarais.

Nathalie Bondil has refused to do so but promised to send employees a message as ” positive and constructive “.

At loggerheads

Then, on July 2, Michel de la Chenelière was to postpone the discussions on the renewal of contract of Ms. Bondil. Once very good friends, the two are now at loggerheads.

The director-general will refuse then a position with responsibilities diminished until the end of its current mandate, before getting fired permanently.

Yesterday, Michel de la Chenelière has justified her dismissal by a work environment “toxic” and an ” apparent deterioration of the work climate “. A report of a firm specializing in human resources management would make it faith.

“The attempts many times repeated by the board of directors to find a solution to this situation that had become intolerable faced the intransigence of ms. Bondil and its denial of a number of conclusions, however, without any appeal from the report “, wrote M. de la Chenelière by press release.

Sunday, in an interview to the Press, The brother of Paul Desmarais III André Desmarais expressed concern about the possible departure of Ms. Bondil and the future of a great exhibition that she made on the québécois painter Jean-Paul Riopelle. He described Nathalie Bondil as “an exceptional woman “with” tremendous talent “.

It was impossible yesterday to talk to Ms. Bondil. The cell phone number of one that has worked for two decades with the MBAM was no longer in service.

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