The mask is mandatory as early as Monday, but no one will be turned away

Le masque obligatoire dès lundi, mais personne ne sera refoulé

The obligation to wear a covering face in the bus will officially come into effect as of Monday, everywhere in Quebec. Inspectors will take care of the grain, but the tolerance will apply to the recalcitrant for two weeks.

“We will see how people will behave on Monday. We will have two weeks to weigh it all up. For the moment, the drivers will not leave anyone on the edge of the sidewalk, we understand. People still have a grace period, ” said the president of the réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC), Rémy Normand, in an interview.

As of 27 July, he or she who does not wear a mask will be denied access to a bus, the subway or a taxi. Wearing a mask mandatory applies also to the ferries.

The companies of transportation, such as the PSTN rely on the cooperation of their customers for compliance with this new rule. Since the announcement of the government Legault on the 30th of June last, a blur persists, however, on the application of the regulation, and the drivers do not have the intention of playing it to the police. No fine is expected.

“We are still waiting for the decree which requires the wearing of mask in public transport. It was working a bit blind. There is nothing that has indicated to us that there is a fine that came with it. And on the other hand, our people are not qualified to give this kind of statements of offence there, ” acknowledged Mr. Norman.

The police need

“We’re going to keep a link with the police service and if there are problematic situations, we will appeal to them, it already does in some cases of physical violence, but I don’t want to assume anything. To me, the message that I want to run to clients, it is that it is a measure that applies to you as a customer. As a transport company, one does not have the means to apply these rules here, so we think that people will show good will “, added Mr. Normand.

Up to 33 inspectors in Quebec city

As in Levis, the inspectors of the RTC will be deployed in the terminus stations and the busiest for public awareness. Nine inspectors will be on the ground in Quebec, but 24 other inspectors will be in “back-up” and will be able to lend a hand in need, says Rémy Normand.

Remember that wearing a mask will not be mandatory for children 2 to 12 years, but that it is strongly recommended by the department of public health. Children under the age of 2 years will obviously not have to wear one. Masks are also being distributed free of charge by the RTC in several service points with the purchase of a ticket to encourage the customer to wear it.

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