The mask of Joker in the mass protests 2019

Маска Джокера в массовых протестах 2019 года

“Life-affirming dissent” cinematic villain and Western пропаганда3 Nov American journalist senior researcher of the Middle East Institute, National University of Singapore James Dorsey published by many publications reprinted the article under the name of Global protests: Russia and China risk ending up on the wrong side of history (“Global protests: Russia and China run the risk of not on the historic road”).Dorsey recalls an avalanche of “global protests” that hit this year in three dozen countries. CNN quotes their map, where the pink color denotes 24 country: France, Spain, UK, Ukraine, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, Russia, Iraq, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Liberia, Guinea, Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru. Bloomberg adds to the list the Netherlands, Indonesia, Colombia, Ethiopia, Uganda and Malawi.Dorsey advertises these mass protests as the uprising against corruption, authoritarianism and social inequality. The organization of the protests takes place in the Internet and social networking, supported by protests from major Western publications. Reporters of CNN, BBC, Deutsche Welle and many other media oversee every demonstration in Hong Kong, Chile, Lebanon, Bolivia, Ecuador, Iraq and other countries, as analysts like James Dorsey create a legend of these protests.A common symptom of “global protests” – the targeting of “reactionary nationalism” and such leaders as “Donald trump in the USA, Viktor Orban in Hungary, Narendra modi in India, Air Bolsonaro in Brazil and Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines,” writes Dorsey.Russian sociologist Boris Kagarlitsky have identified characteristic features of mass protests 2019. First, they all occur in models of the transition from economic to political demands; second, these protests had no leaders (at least on the surface). Thanks to social networks, people negotiate and take to the streets. Instigator of the protests is the youth.”Stifling silence hanging over the Gulag of North Korea, areas of China in Xinjiang and Tibet and the dark, hidden places inside Syria, Eritrea, Iran and Azerbaijan can strike all of us,” escalate the atmosphere of The British The Guardian and then offers a recipe: “That helps us to defend – it is noisy, life-affirming dissent of youth.”Note that preparing for this “life-affirming dissent” in the Western centres, particularly in the Center for a new American democracy (CNAS), where he asceticised at the time, Victoria Nuland. As for the “protests without leaders”, it is the development of the Pentagon known as “the swarm network” (networked swarming).On the territory of the former USSR for the first time “network time” was used during the “velvet revolution” in 2018 in Armenia (previously used this tactic-Lawrence of Arabia, paralyzing the communications of the Ottoman Empire during the Great Arab revolt of 1916-1918 years). In Armenia, protesters surrounded the morning the government offices and protested, at 22: 00 went home, and the next morning again began all over again. And the regime against which it was directed, was overthrown. The same pattern took place in this year’s protests in Belgrade and in Moscow.The tactic of “swarming network” based on so-called stigmergy, the expert CNAS Lauren fish, a form of biological self-organization, which create complex structures without any planning, control and even direct communication between individuals. Stigmergy is a property of the collective interaction of termites, and now participants of mass protests. Swarm stigmergy allows you to create self-organizing swarms, which operate on the basis of clearly established rules (to find a target, focus, attack, disperse). The ability to “Junior leaders” to quickly apply these rules without relying on commands from above, greatly increases the mobility of such groups.In the last two months of the “global protests” have reached a new level, characterized by the synchronization of the actions of the protesters in different countries and on different continents. So, in Barcelona, the supporters of independence of Catalonia used encrypted messages to communicate with the protesters in Hong Kong, repeating their tactics. Decentralization of such actions makes it difficult to suppress the protests by arrests of their leaders, who remain behind the scenes and demonstrations are not involved.From October 2019 to mass protests in countries in the vast area from Latin America to China, can say a General phenomenon.On 1 October, the day of the 70th anniversary of the PRC, has seen a new wave of protests in Hong Kong. At the same time began anti-government protests in Iraq. October 3 protests began in Ecuador. October 4, tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Algeria. October 14, protests began in Chile, to cover the entire country. On the same day began the mass demonstrations demanding the resignation of President Jovenes Moise in Haiti. 17 October mass protests broke out in Lebanon. On October 22, clashes of demonstrators with the security forces in Bolivia.Independent portal ZeroHedge include all of these countries to “protest group of risk”, where the so-called indicator of social unrest (social unrest indicator), taking into account the degree of urbanization of the country, the Gini coefficient (income inequality) and the average age of the population, higher than the average norm. In other words, the social situation in these countries teetering on the brink of chaos and enough sparks to ignite a fire. Team the spark does, usually through social networks. And the protests are modeled in leading U.S. research centers, such as the national center for biotechnology information (USA) who developed an effective model of social forecasting.

Invented a single meme for the protesters – the mask of supervillain the Joker from the American film-Thriller. “In cities worldwide, among the sea of demonstrators who took to the streets, stood one image: the harsh white face and creepy red smile of the Joker” – with enthusiasm writes CNN. “Joker – we – proclaimed Lebanese street artist Mohamed Kabbani. And Beirut is the new Gotham city”.The fact that the protesters on the streets of different cities of the world are choosing the idol of the killer don’t seem worried about the West. “The image of the Joker echoes the form of protest against the political system”, – said France24.With the front of the protests, “Joker” (“against corruption, authoritarianism and social inequality”) closes the front of the environmental protests, the open with the filing of unhealthy Swedish girls Greta Thunberg. September 23, she spoke at the UN General Assembly with an emotional speech in which he accused the governments of the world ignoring climate problems, the betrayal of the young and future generations. In the same month, demonstrations of environmental protest took place in new York, Tokyo, Berlin, Munich, Edinburgh, Melbourne, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Calcutta, new Delhi, Stockholm, Lodz, Istanbul, Vienna, Brussels, Dhaka and Kiev. In London intensified environmental group Extinction of Rebellion (“Rebellion against extinction”), which holds the grips of urban institutions. In early October, the group blocked the streets around Westminster. The group plans to continue their actions in other countries, including Russia.An avalanche of social unrest spreads very quickly. Who could resist her?

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