The masks redirected in Ohio because of a computer error ?

Les masques redirigés en Ohio à cause d’une erreur informatique ?

Under pressure, the transport company DHL is finally out of his silence Thursday to support as masks health for Quebec were well-labelled on the internet for back in Ohio and that it was a computer error, version that does not swallow easily the importer in quebec.

DHL, which did not return a call Thursday from his client, to montreal, assured us that a contractor of the Montreal chinese had to receive his goods as expected imminently.

Thursday, after the publication of an article in the Journal, the company Smartlux Montreal has finally received delivery of 25 000 masks health from the service center of DHL in St-Lambert-to-midi.

“It is an event that rarely happens. […] Because of the speed with which we move the product, registering as what the product was scanned at Cincinnati for its customs status has been marked after his arrival in Quebec. I can understand that a consumer is confused”, we explained on the phone Andrew Williams, boss of DHL Canada.

The company was placed under high public pressure early on Thursday morning, the prime minister Justin Trudeau is stating in his press conference daily to be aware of the situation and wanting to shed light on the incident. The Americans are suspected of diverting it to their advantage shipments of medical equipment, primarily in China surenchissant or paying with cash.


According to a screen capture of the tracking website for DHL that we has been shown by Fan Zhou on Wednesday, we could see that the parcel was between 28 and 30 march in St-Lambert in Québec, but was then redirected to the 1st of April to the service center of DHL in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Fan Zhou, who frequently uses the services of shippers international for import of products from Asia, said to have never seen anything like it. He says he doubts the official version of DHL.

“DHL needs to explain to me and to the public why the merchandise is at Cincinnati, is in Quebec, and is in Cincinnati still. […] They say that there has been an error in their computer system. This is their explanation. This is not my explanation,” he commented.

According to him, the explanation of DHL according to which the goods would not have been delivered in the beginning of the week because customs duty had not been paid does not hold water either. The rights have been paid on Wednesday by Fan Zhou. “It’s a distraction,” he said. As soon as we saw that we had to pay for, you paid for it.”

According to DHL, the package containing the masks has not left Quebec on the 1st of April despite the listing on the website.

Stef Saad, a partner of Fan Zhou, said he called twice DHL on the 1st of April to have explanations on what was happening, but had never managed to speak to anyone. DHL says his side have not received these calls.

Even if Fan Zhou is looking forward to the delivery of the masks, he laments that this is not the 10 000 masks KN95 he was waiting for. This last is said to be waiting for several orders of medical equipment from China, which are slow to be delivered.

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