The mayor of Lévis press the government to reopen the malls

Worried for shops “left behind” who still do not have the right to operate without direct access to the outside, the mayor of Lévis, press the Quebec government to reopen the shopping centres.

“We ask the government not to discriminate against merchants whose point of sale is located in a shopping center. It is necessary that we look at this issue, she is stronger than we think”, launched by the mayor Gilles Lehouillier at a press briefing on Thursday.

The vast majority of requests for financial assistance directed to the City of Lévis from “traders caught in a trap, in the shopping centres that can no longer operate,” he lamented, obviously concerned for the survival of some companies which rent out a room, for example, at the Galeries Chagnon or Promenades de Lévis.

The owners of shopping centres have submitted various runs to the government, to ensure the security of the customer in the context of the pandemic. According to him, it is necessary to quickly explore the implementation of these measures that could allow to comply with the separation rules physical.

“The aisles of shopping centres are often wider than the bike lanes and even wider than a street. There could be things organized. It requests the government authorities to look at, if it is possible, with security guards, give a specific access to certain businesses”, he expressed.

Iniquity for assistance programs

The mayor also calls on Ottawa to revise the criteria of the emergency assistance program for the rent of the merchants, deploring the exclusion of the chains that operate multiple points of sale in various shopping centres if the annual gross revenues of the chain are in excess of$ 20 Million. The City of Levis will unveil next week a policy of buying local to encourage traders lévisiens.

The portrait is fortunately far from being as bleak for the residential construction sector. Mr. Lehouillier expects an exceptional year, which is “auspicious” for the economic recovery. From 1 January to 30 April, the City has awarded a record number of permits for the construction of 734 new units (value of$ 202 Million).

The time is running out for the day camps

Regarding the day camp, the mayor of Lévis, and still looks forward to the government’s guidelines for the planning of the next season. “It’s five to twelve”, he said, saying that it hoped to get answers at the latest “within a week”, otherwise, “there is danger in the house”, he warns.

The City of Lévis has so far received a high volume of registrations, which is equivalent to 7500 weeks of benefit for children, then that it deems to have the capacity to respond to 4,500 requests.

Opening of the community gardens

At this point press omnibus, the mayor Lehouillier has also announced the opening of five community gardens on its territory as of may 18. He also confirmed having made an application to the federal government for use as early as this year lots situated on the Farm Chapais, a site is “enchanting” with a splendid view on the river.

“Agriculture Canada operated on this site, an experimental farm, so the land is ready and we could easily create a community garden this summer. I am in contact with Mr. [Jean-Yves] Duclos, and is awaiting a response within a few days,” said the mayor, who also plans to open three other community gardens in 2022.

The tennis courts of the City of Lévis will re-open in addition to starting on 20 may, he confirmed, in accordance with the announcement of the minister Isabelle Charest on the eve. The City also intends to gradually open the toilet block on its territory, starting from the Quai Paquet and parc des Chutes-de-la-Chaudière.




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