The membership of the anglophones in Quebec are concerned about the PLQ

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The minister in charge of Relations with English-speaking Quebecers, Kathleen Weil, in August last

The activists of the Quebec liberal Party (QLP) do not make much of the appearance of flaking of the vote in French-speaking for their party : they have adopted on Saturday a series of proposals to “take more account of” the reality of English-speaking, but did not approach, on the other hand, the language issues that affect francophones.


“The sense of belonging [in Quebec] is low, among anglophones, and among young people, especially in the regions “, was launched the minister in charge of Relations with English-speaking Quebecers, Kathleen Weil, on his arrival at the Congress of the members of the PLQ, Quebec.


“This is troubling “, she added. “We want everyone to feel Quebecers as a whole. That people who come from elsewhere or speakers ; it needs to work this sense of belonging, ” she argued.


The minister has welcomed the proposals of the political Committee of his party, who suggested in particular the government of Quebec to address the “English-speaking citizens” in the development of ” any new bill, regulation, or policy “. All of these proposals were adopted Saturday. An amendment to make the public service bilingual mandatory has been removed.

Before the minister Weil, liberal mna for D’arcy-McGee, David Birnbaum, has leased the ” tradition of the liberal Party to understand that there is an inclusive Quebec “. The vote of the “English-speaking Quebecers” is not acquired, and the LPQ asks ” do the right thing “, he said happily.


The minister of Finance, Carlos Leitão, gave a different reading. “I’m an elected official of a county in the West-Island of Montreal, where there are many anglophones and allophones. I don’t feel a sense of non-belonging, ” he said.


It has, however, referred to a ” societal issue “. “[It is] a community that is very active, who works and contributes to the development of Quebec and who do not feel represented in the québec institutions ” he explained.


The most recent polls on the voting intentions of Quebecers reported a decrease in the liberal vote among francophones. Shots of a probe conducted in the months of may, August and October give 25 %, 22 % and 21 % of the vote in French-speaking LIBERALS. The Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) harvest in contrast, 35 %, 33 % and 34 % of voting intentions in Quebec francophones.


The CAQ eyeing, also, the English-speaking


The QLP collects 60 % of the voting intentions of non-francophones in contrast to 17 % for the Coalition avenir Québec, 7 % for Québec solidaire, and 4 % for the Parti québécois, according to a survey conducted by Leger, there are less than a month. The popularity of the team of Philippe Couillard crumbles, note Nathalie Roy in 311 days of a general election. “It’s down, it’s down, it’s down “, she repeated in front of some 500 activists caquistes gathered at the Delta Hotel in Sherbrooke this weekend.


Questioned by a militant anglophone Mont-Royal-Outremont on the ways and means set in motion by the CAQ in order to win the support of the members of the communities of anglophones and allophones, Ms. Roy said : “We need to talk to you more. We need to listen to you, and we listen to you, And you need to listen to what we have to offer because we have a lot to offer. “


In this spirit, the leader of the CAQ, François Legault, promises to maintain the Secretariat for the relations with English-speaking Quebecers, but only if it turns out to be ” really useful “.


Minister Kathleen Weil has announced the creation of a Secretariat, a few hours before the kick-off of the congress of the PLQ Friday. Will survive to the election of a government caquiste ? “I want to see what it will give. If it gives good results, if this is really useful, then it is not only the bureaucracy, additional, I don’t have a problem to keep it, ” replied Mr. Legault on the sidelines of the general congress of the CAQ Saturday.


“For us, Quebecers, it is a Quebecker no matter if it is the anglophone or francophone. We, we are here for all Quebecers, ” said Nathalie Roy during a period of questions and answers with the militants. The member for Montarville recalled will be joined by dozens of professionals in nursing and cardio-respiratory of the McGill university Health Centre (MUHC) to require from the minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, the end of budget cuts in the megahospital. The CAQ has not missed this opportunity to “defend the interests of Montrealers, the English-speaking community” in this folder.


In the eyes of the CAQ, the English are not “foreigners” but of ” partners “, emphasized The member for la Peltrie, Eric Cairo. The elected caquiste has not failed to remind that the political party of François Legault was “mounted the barricades” in order to “protect” the municipalities anglophones who were afraid to see snatch their status as a bilingual city by the government of Marois. “[We will] ensure that the anglophone minority has seen its rights fully protected, ” he promised, drawing the applause of the members of the party.


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