The memory of the heart: a veteran of the great Patriotic dreams of going on parade


He went through the war. Came from Voronezh almost to Berlin. Now he just wants to walk in the Park and maybe a parade. A veteran of the great Patriotic war Vasily Lithuanian remembered about fighting everyday life and shared their dreams with the film crew of TV channel “MIR 24”.

Vasily Romanovich 97. Taking the suit with the orders, the soldier remembers his first fight. And how on the way to the front was bombed.

“Drove to Leningrad – a part broke. The bomb hit the structure. Half of those people are now on the Rayevsky cemetery. And half left Moscow to defend,” he says.

The war is four years in track. From his native Poltava was in Voronezh, he served as a signalman in the 40th division of the 2nd Ukrainian and the 2nd Belorussian front. Liberated Voronezh, Bryansk, Belgorod, Poland, Hungary. Got a concussion, fell ill with malaria, freezing in severe frosts. But went ahead.

“It’s not what it is now: the barracks there… come on, what’s… In the forests under the trees! A cold forty! Do not eat, drink, and go forward. Need to release, need to move,” recalls the veteran.

On his chest dozens of medals, including the defense of Moscow order of the red Star. On the Victory Parades of veteran not serviced for three years as health began to fail. But so down the stairs when you’re almost 100 years old, will be able to unit. Such feats Vasily Romanovich does every morning. And in 97 doing exercises. And goes to the Park where he loves to walk.

But my legs are heavy. To help the veteran to no one, the wife died long ago. Son is rarely seen. The only assistant, Nadezhda Pavlovna, difficult to lift and carry a mechanical wheelchair. And Vasily Romanovich used to move forward himself.

Here and wants to buy a wheelchair with electric. Private means no, but the veteran hopes that he will help. After all, he helped to liberate their Homeland. If this happens, a veteran thinks and the parade back.