The memory of the heart: feather shawl reminds the believe of mother

PHOTO : MIR / Victoria Grishina


The usual shawl for a resident of Bishkek Anna Kutanova is a priceless family heirloom. Is the memory of the mother and the siege of Leningrad. Memories of those terrible years she has shared with the correspondent of “MIR 24” Chinaraj Sydykova.

Today Anna Alekseevna with a shudder recalls the years in the besieged Leningrad. Endless shelling, bombing and hunger – she again becomes 11-year-old girl, surrounded by fears of war.

“I went to school with a briefcase, and began firing. I fell and lay on the ground until the shelling stopped. When we did, there wasn’t a briefcase, he threw the wave. Started to cry and look. I found his briefcase and went to school,” says the resident of the besieged Leningrad.

Now Anna A. – 89, she lives in Bishkek. And in 1941, the girl Anya Vasilievsky island just dream about a piece of bread. To not have a black greasy earth.

“There was only land, and we went over this earth, raked it out, it was sweetened, burnt. Raked in a jar, brought home. And ate like crazy,” she says.

Anna Alekseevna remembers that there was no light, water too, the drainage was not working and the corpses around were so numerous that the terrorists had not time to remove them.

“Here is the handkerchief that was my mom and us during the siege she tied it with a handkerchief. Here are all valuable and precious, what’s left of the war – this mother’s scarf,” says blokadnitsa.

The memory of the heart not only of the mother but also the father, an older sister, who also did not survive the war.

“All the time take out a handkerchief and kiss him,” says Anna.

Before the liberation of Leningrad did not live nearly 30 relatives of Anna Alexeyevna. In Frunze, the current Bishkek, the woman moved in 1953. Today she is the founder of the Kyrgyz society of Leningrad blockade.

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