“The metropolis and the department chaired by Martine Vassal are responsible”, says a municipal councilor LFI

    “The metropolis and the department chaired by Martine Vassal are responsible”, says a municipal councilor LFI

    550 tons of waste were not collected in Marseille in a little over a week. Garbage collectors the Polyceo company, a subsidiary of the Derichebourg group, began a strike Thursday, December 17 to obtain the transfer of the local manager of the Marseille site and his deputy, whom they accuse of “rule by fear”. Some residents decided to rent a dumpster. According to Katia Yacoubi, LFI municipal councilor, “the metropolis and the department chaired by Martine Vassal are responsible” movement. “The social situation has continued to deteriorate “, she says on franceinfo on Saturday, since “the right subcontracts activities to the private sector”.

    franceinfo: Are you yourself concerned by the garbage collectors’ strike?

    Katia Yacoubi: I live in the northern neighborhoods so I can see this mountain of garbage from my window. What is happening to us, in the midst of a health crisis, is completely scandalous and irresponsible on the part of the metropolis. We had already been living with rats for some time, but here, with the accumulation of waste in our streets, the difficulties only increased. Some locals will even tell you that they are no longer afraid of dying from Covid now, but rather from the plague.

    Do you understand the metropolis which seized the prefect to requisition the Derichebourg company?

    Not at all. It is the metropolis and the department, both under the presidency of Martine Vassal, which are responsible for the situation. Republicans, the right, continue to cut jobs as territorial officials and outsource activities to the private sector. This is a political will to delegate public service.

    The transfer to the private sector did not help matters. On the contrary, the social situation has continued to deteriorate with management methods that deserve to be looked at more closely.

    Katia Yacoubi (LFI)

    to franceinfo

    La France Insoumise supports all the employees of the Derichebourg company who are on strike. Their claims are legitimate. They concern managerial management which is denounced as violent, with social pressure and unfair dismissals. It would be better to get out of public-private partnerships. We propose to create a vast public cleaning service. It would be a solution for the whole metropolis.

    The inhabitants of the cities have decided to do the collection themselves, do you understand that?

    I call it self-organization. It is a form of activism. When communities fail in their homework, we, the inhabitants, self-organize because we love our city. We love our neighborhood and we want it to be treated well and not looked down upon. We are experiencing a complete abandonment of politicians and local authorities.

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