The middle finger can tell many interesting things about your character

Форма среднего пальца может рассказать много чего интересного о вашем характере

Jokes aside, the science of reading hands today is rapidly gaining popularity. This practice suggests that the form and appearance of someone’s hands can testify to their identity. We offer to your attention a small test that will help you learn more about yourself based on the shape of the middle finger.
Take a look at the image above and select the shape that most resembles your middle finger. Now read the truth about yourself!+

A. Finger straight shape

You value your independence, do not like to talk about feelings and generally prefer to act. However, deep down you are a very sensitive and emotional. You have a big heart and you are willing to sacrifice for those you love. You are also honest, kind and have a great sense of humor!2

B. Finger pointed shape

You are loyal and responsible. If you love somebody, you’ll never refuse it. And if you have a job, you will not rest until you reach your goal. You — the person on whom people can rely. You are also very creative. Very hard to trust, but once you let someone log into your trust zone, you remain forever with that person.+

C. Large bone finger

You are one of those relaxed and optimistic people who have not overcome the problems. You are trying to minimize their responsibilities and avoid risky situations, but if something takes you out of your comfort zone, you will be able to quickly and effectively solve the problem. You also respect other people’s opinion and always ready to compromise and negotiate.+

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