The middle-of-the-art digital wants to get together

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The Centre of technology, art and games at Concordia University

Rally the troops by a year, to give a loud voice : that is the goal that the players in montreal at the middle of the art and creativity digital “to address the lack of awareness’ of this sector.


“A little bit everywhere in the world, in major events, we note that there are a lot of projects that come from Montreal, said Hugues Sweeney Tuesday morning press conference. But when it comes to these events, the general public, policy makers and the media are not aware of these successes.


Before this finding of a ” well kept secret “, the co-chair of the board Montreal-to-digital (a creation of Culture Montreal) argued that: “we must join forces and bring together stakeholders” to create an environment capable of speak with a strong voice.


This project is in the heart of a joint statement unveiled on Tuesday in the framework of the event Hub Montreal. “This is not a text that concludes, but a text that begins” the work, ” said Mr. Sweeney.


The declaration is based on the premise that “Montreal is definitely one of the world’s leaders in art and creativity-digital” to set the table for a year of reflection, which will lead to an action plan and a structure of representation for the stakeholders in the environment.


“Coming together helps to have a listening policy, and will lead to a [larger] recognition “, think Eva Quintas, a spokesperson for the signatories of the declaration — as well as an artist and a consultant in cultural development. Chapter of the profits of a concerted action, it cites the facility to intervene in matters involving copyright, distribution, access, découvrabilité…


What form will this combination ? “It is to be set, said the other co-chair of the commission, Alain Saulnier. Culture Montréal will participate in this transaction, but one wishes that it could fly with its own wings. “


The commission believes that the initiative is timely, in the context of the forthcoming tabling of action plans in Montreal (policy of cultural development 2017-2022) and Quebec city (cultural policy), as well as the thinking that leads to Ottawa on its cultural policy. “We are not late, the stars are aligned “, says Mr. Saulnier.


Four appointments will be required over the next year to develop the plan of action you want.

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