The military arrived in Irkutsk oblast to the aid of rescuers

PHOTO : TASS / “Irkutsk today”


In the Irkutsk region, a growing number of flood victims. There are already about 12 dead, 9 people were missing, reports TASS. After the peak of the flood the water level in the river Iya fell four meters to the norm – the same amount, the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Anna Bazaikina.

The school gym became the home. Many people have nowhere else to go. Their houses are either flooded or completely took away the flow of water. One of the classrooms turned into a dining room. The cook and the teacher of Russian for dinner fish and khinkali. Tap water drinking is banned – too dirty. Many stores bottled water sold out. Also selling out quickly, salt, buckwheat, sugar.

Rescuers continue to evacuate residents from flooded villages. The clock runs on boats. Local, to whose houses she reached the water, sheltered some of the victims themselves.

“Restored movement between Irkutsk and Sochi. This ensured the passage of humanitarian aid and equipment for clearing debris. However, transit traffic is not” – said the head of Department of operation of highways and road constructions of fku uprdor “Baikal” Victor Ciskowski.

From Kemerovo to Irkutsk region has sent a mobile bakery.

“The Department’s field bakery sent there for the purpose of making bread. Opportunity – three tons a day,” – said the soldier CVO Yevgeny Ishchenko.

Due to rain many rivers in the Irkutsk region came from the banks. The level of water in them rose up to 7-12 meters. Inundated five districts: Nizhneudinsk, Taishet, Tulun, Nizhneudinsk, and Zima. Today in the area of emergency were sixth district Kuitun.

The visit of Vladimir Putin in Irkutsk oblast was not planned. The President returned from the G20 summit in Japan. An emergency meeting it held at the airport of Bratsk.

On the streets of Sochi can only be explored by boat. The five-story water hid the first floor. What can we say about the cottages – the stream carried them one by one.

To the aid of rescuers came the military – a detachment of the Central military district, it engineers and doctors. Together with the residents they have already started to disassemble the shut in the streets. Forecasters predict that in the next few days in region will be heavy rains.