The minister Jean-Yves Duclos is still convinced that the tramway project will be in Quebec city

Le ministre Jean-Yves Duclos est toujours convaincu que le projet de tramway se réalisera à Québec

Even if the tramway project seems to have the lead in the wing with the shilly-shallying of the government Legault, the federal minister Jean-Yves Duclos remains convinced that it will come to fruition.

Recall that the prime minister François Legault, has still not formally endorsed the new draft of the network project structuring, stripped of his trambus. He gives himself the time to “study” the impacts of recent changes announced by the City of Quebec, which has had to cut several components in order to meet the allocated budget of$3.3 billion.

“I have confidence that the project will go ahead. I know that there are important discussions between the government of Quebec and the City of Quebec. These discussions are essential and I guarantee that they go well,” said the liberal mp in Quebec, Jean-Yves Duclos, on the sidelines of a press conference at the Monastery of the Augustines on Wednesday.

Unlike Quebec, Ottawa continues to support without hesitation the project of the mayor Régis Labeaume and still responds to this with his financial assistance of$ 1.2 billion, despite recent developments.

“We regret that the trambus is replaced by a metrobus because it would have been better to have a trambus, but it can also mean the spread of these measures throughout the time. No need to do it all at the same time […] This said, the geographical extent of the project remains the same,” argued the president of the Treasury Board.

A trambus in a second phase?

“I’m pretty sure Quebec City should be discussing with the government of Quebec to see how some of the investments originally planned, as the trambus, could be postponed to a little later,” added Mr. Duclos, recalling once more that the capital of Quebec is the only city of comparable size in Canada that does not have the “network structuring” of public transit.

“The current government has a significant program for the financing of infrastructure across the country, and because of that, it has$ 1.2 billion to support the network transport structure. This is the largest investment ever made by the federal government for the region of Quebec, therefore, the interest to enjoy it, but we want things to go smoothly”, he added.

Quebec bridge

When asked about the future of the Quebec bridge, and the never-ending saga of the rust, Jean-Yves Duclos has confirmed the information in the Newspaper about the special negotiator. Yvon Charest has indeed submitted a preliminary report in march to the federal government. The final version was transmitted to the minister of Infrastructure, Catherine McKenna, in June.

Pressed by conservatives, who claim to be “the right time” in this folder, Mr. Duclos did not want to indicate at what time the recommendations of Yvon Charest will be available to the public. He hopes to be able to do so “as quickly as possible”.

“The officials are to watch it carefully. It is a report that is well done, I have a preliminary version and therefore, we can’t wait to see more, but before you see the result, of course, the officials must do their job. This is a file that my colleagues in Ottawa know as being very important for the Quebec region, and I think they are doing everything they need to do so that it can move forward quickly.”

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