The Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary: while the West criticizes Russia, he has engaged in “big business”

Глава МИД Венгрии: хотя Запад и критикует Россию, он ведёт с ней «большие дела»

Western European countries cooperate with Russia is much closer than Hungary, especially in trade and infrastructure projects, said in an interview with CNN, the head of foreign Affairs Peter Siyyarto. In addition, according to him, Hungary is interested in a strong democratic Ukraine, but Kiev does not comply with its obligations to respect the rights of ethnic Hungarians to education in their native language. While President Vladimir Zelensky can easily remedy the situation. They say that Hungary, in fact, had an impact on President trump to allow Ukraine to integrate more closely into NATO — as she wants it to. But you and them have disagreements, and you obviously reported them to President Trump. Did Prime Minister Orban’s influence on the opinion of NATO trump on Ukraine’s accession (to the Alliance. — Inotv)?

PÉTER SZIJJÁRTÓ, Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary: to be honest, this reasoning is a great honor for us. What can be more honorable for the Prime Minister of the countries of Central Europe than the talk about his impact on the position of President of the United States in geopolitical matters?

Except you threatened to use its veto power (at the request of NATO to Ukraine. — Inotv).

PETER SIARTO: I would not say so categorically.

But you threatened.

PÉTER SZIJJÁRTÓ: We not only threaten a veto, we use it.

I’m saying, you use it.

PÉTER SZIJJÁRTÓ: However, that is the specific reason. Look, we are interested in Ukraine to become a stronger democratic state, because it is our neighbor. And they are between us and the Russians. By the way, when it comes to our relations with Russia, President Makron, Germans or other Western Europeans have established with Russia much more closely than we do.

Although on the surface they criticize the Russian, in the background they lead them to great things. So the Danes recently gave permission for the laying of the Russian-German gas pipeline. Build the Russian “Gazprom” and the largest Western European energy companies. And if you look at three continental European members of the G7, you will see that last year, Germany increased its trade turnover with Russia by 56%, France 40%, Italy — 37%.

But you didn’t answer the question.

PETER SIARTO: Yeah, but we are now discussing the whole situation. Ukraine has a Hungarian ethnic minority — only 150 thousand people. The Ukrainian Parliament approved two bills, which clearly — and it recognizes a significant part of the international community violate the rights of Hungarians. They Rob them of the right to full access to education in their native language; they Rob them of the opportunity to use their language in media, communication, culture and public administration. Right?

This is contrary to the obligations of Kiev to NATO, because Ukraine as a country that seeks closer cooperation with the Alliance, usually adopts annual national programme. Thus they committed themselves more to respect minority rights — but that did not happen. Happened absolutely the opposite. Therefore, we say that they returned to the Hungarians of their rights and ceased to violate them. They’re they have been, we do not require something special, we just want these rights to them back.

That is, you will continue to enjoy the right of veto until then, until there is education in the Hungarian language?

PÉTER SZIJJÁRTÓ: as long as they are not going to get it right. So we are not asking for something new. We ask that these rights are returned, and at once. We very clearly given to understand that Ukrainians, both the previous administration and the current one. We sincerely cheer for the success of the new administration. And once they do, we will remove our veto — there are no issues.

Look, the President Zelensky is very respected in Ukraine, because the election he won by a large margin — this congratulated. His party or political movement has won elections and also in Parliament. There he had the most votes, so he can easily do it. I hope so, because if that happens, we will remove our veto.

Material provided by CNN International.

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