The minister of Labour considers that the PCU is slowing down the recovery

Le ministre du Travail juge que la PCU ralentit la relance

Delivery canadian emergency of the Trudeau government penalize key sectors of the Québec economy in the bleeding of their workforce, laments the minister of Labour.

“It appears to me to be really particular, businesses are being hampered in their development because of this provision-there “, has noted in interview to the Newspaper, the quebec minister of Labour, Jean Boulet.

In mid-June, the federal government, Justin Trudeau has extended the Benefit of canadian emergency (PCU) of $ 2000 per month until the end of August, which quickly became a thorn in the side of the employers, who are struggling to make it back to their workers.

“We are in a period of déconfinement gradual economic recovery and, it does longer necessarily the purpose of the PCU” to help people who had lost their jobs because of the pandemic, he decided.

Moreover, the government does not exclude the possibility of having to lengthen the coverage period of premiums to subsidise the wages of essential workers in response to the gesture of Ottawa.

Delivery harmful

According to the minister, Jean Boulet, the provision may well have its place in culture, tourism or retail trade, it is detrimental in other areas.

“In the manufacturing, construction, health, information technology, or the food, there are important needs of labor, and it is not necessary that the PCU be a disincentive to work,” he added.

To help workers and bosses to find a shoe to their foot, Québec relies on its platform called ” I work “, launched at the beginning of the month.

“This is a new tool simple, fast and free. It is this pairing that with artificial intelligence and geolocation. Job seekers and employers can visit the web site, ” insisted Jean Boulet.

“It is necessary that the workers come back. They can’t say : “I refuse to return to work because I continue to receive the PKU” “, he also mentioned.

Bosses concerned

Of their sides, the employers ‘ organisations have said they are more concerned than ever by the extension of the PCU, which is coming to put a spoke in the wheels when it comes time to convince their employees to come back.

“It is not against the PCU, but there are perverse effects. […] It does not encourage work “, summary Charles Billion, CEO of the Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec.

“The PCU should be amended so that those who are called back to work may not be able to benefit without evidence of disease related to the COVID-19 “, went so far as to say François Vincent, vice-president, quebec from the canadian Federation of independent business.

♦ On Tuesday, the parliamentary budget officer has estimated the cost of the two-month extension of the PCU to 17.9 billion $, which would blow up this program to over 71.3 billion $.

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