The Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation will make stars out of cinefication of the regions

В Министерстве культуры РФ составят рейтинг кинофикации регионов

The Ministry of culture of Russia intends to prepare a rating of cinefication regions of the country. It is necessary for more effective distribution of funds from the budget for the development of networks of cinemas, the head of Department Vladimir Medinsky, reports TASS.

As noted, this rating will be based on such indicators as attendance, revenue, and percentage of screenings in domestic theaters paintings. The regional authorities, who took the lowest places, will receive from the Ministry of culture, recommendations for elimination of violations.

In that case, if the regions are not eliminated the violations indicated by the Ministry, they will be expelled from the program of cinefication.

Note that the program of cinefication of small towns in Russia in recent years was opened and converted nearly 800 screens. The Ministry of culture until 2024 plans to open another 1,200 cinemas.

Earlier it was reported that in Moscow from July 13 to kick off the third season traveling cinema club “Movie the eyes of an engineer”. Screenings of Patriotic films will be held in the courtyards of the unusual Metropolitan houses built during the Soviet era.