The Ministry of education called the most popular universities and majoring in Ukraine

Міносвіти назвало найпопулярніші університети та спеціальності в Україні

The most popular destinations are law, literature and secondary education
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The Ministry of education called the most popular specialties and universities following the submission of the million applications of applicants.

The information was announced by Deputy of the Ministry of education Yuri Rashkevich during a press conference in Mont.

Law, literature, secondary education, management and medicine – while the most popular specialty applicants, where filed the most applications. Among the universities the most popular are the KNU im. Shevchenko, LNU. Franco, KPI them. Sikorski, Lviv Polytechnic and henna im. Karazin.

Today can be considered the equator of the entrance campaign – week of submission of applications is over and the week is still ahead, and it will last up to 18 hours on July 26. Up to 18 hours on July 25 will open registration of electronic offices. And already on August 1 disclosure of rating list of entrants, – said Yuri Rashkevich.

He noted that the database in which the registration of the electronic classrooms, works flawlessly and not a single critical failure during this time her work was not.

Міносвіти назвало найпопулярніші університети та спеціальності в Україні

Popular are the KNU named after Shevchenko, Franko LNU and KPI name Sikorsky / pxhere

“The work continues normally. Even if there are minor violations, they are quickly eliminated. The communication with applicants and selection committees is well established. Work hot lines and email boxes of MES and Laws, for operators “YEDEBO” (unified state electronic database on education”), created a separate group in the social network where you can quickly and directly resolve all issues,” – said the Deputy Minister.

Thus, on the morning of the 19 July 2018 Ukrainian applicants filed to universities of almost one million applications for bachelor’s, master’s and associate’s. Most of them – about 600 thousand applications – submitted in electronic form. Electronic classrooms are already registered 151 thousand students – more than 90% of the expected this year. From them 130 thousand have already submitted electronic application.

“The average number of statements, which were filed by the applicants – 4. According to admission each applicant may apply for budgetary places in the universities 7 applications. That is, most likely, most of the students are waiting for the last days of introductory campaign, to depending on a situation of the rating lists to submit their latest statements. In the end, only bachelor we expect a million applications,” – said Yuri Rashkevich.

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