The Ministry of health of Ukraine intends to reorganize and optimize the network of establishments for epidemic control and supervision

Минздрав Украины намерен реорганизовать и оптимизировать сеть учреждений для эпидемического контроля и надзора

The Ministry of health of Ukraine will create a network of institutions for epidemic control and supervision by redesigning the existing ones.

There is a bill that will be submitted to Parliament, regarding the law on the system of public health. It envisages the creation of a new network of institutions for epikentros and surveillance. This revision of the system of existing institutions”, – said the Minister.

Skalecka reported that testing centres in the regions will be reorganized and optimized.

“They do not perform their function for the state, but there are people who work there. This work sistematizarea to know how to act in the matter of optimization of medical laboratories”, she said.

Also, according to the Minister, the system will change the funding of such institutions.

“We will not Finance companies, and purchase of service for laboratory studies. Then it will be a matter for local authorities, as it organizes the work of such laboratory centers”, – said Skaletsky.

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