The Ministry of health of Ukraine published statistics on the work of crews of “ambulance”

The Ministry of health called time of arrival “first aid” to patients.

Міністерство охорони здоров&#039я України оприлюднило статистичні дані щодо роботи бригад «швидкої допомоги»

In Ukraine, the average speed of response ambulance to a call since receipt of the notice and before the first contact with patients is 8.5 minutes, informs Rus.Media.

Within 10 minutes 56% of all calls within 20 minutes – 94% of all calls.

This is the website of the Ministry of health of Ukraine.

According to authorities, at 23.9% of calls medical assistance is provided to victims on the spot without admission, 18.6% of the cases the victims refused hospitalization, in a 2% died.

Who experts believe that despite the rapid response of doctors “first aid” treatment protocols need to be revised.

Also the experts came to the conclusion that the drugs that are used in the provision of emergency medical care, does not always prove the effectiveness and feasibility of use in specific cases.

The most common in patients with complaints of chest pain – magnesia, which is used for 32.6% of patients older than 40 years and for patients of 29.4% of all age groups.

“The ineffectiveness of magnesia in acute myocardial infarction, correction of the heart rate and the out-of-hospital cardiac arrest has already been proved by scientists,” – noted in the Ministry of health.