The Ministry of justice recorded the highest growth in the number of marriage contracts

Минюст зафиксировал рекордный рост числа брачных контрактов

The Ministry of justice had a record number of marriage contracts from the beginning of 2019 already signed 25 thousand of such documents, reports “Russian newspaper”

One of the most common causes of the contract is the desire to get a mortgage. If one of the spouses does not work or receive a small salary, the Bank may deny the loan. But if there is a marriage contract, the situation is changing.

According to the notary Elena Obraztsova, a marriage contract brings clarity to the property issues.

It is possible to register ownership of immovable and movable property, money, and liability on debt.

To conclude the contract at any time, including before the wedding. However, in this case it will take effect only after the registration of marriage.