The Ministry of social policy told about the new rules for subsidies and benefits

В Минсоцполитики рассказали о новых правилах получения субсидий и льгот

Thursday, November 7, held a briefing Deputy Minister of social policy of Ukraine Vitaliy Muzychenko.

The theme of the briefing was dedicated to the monetization of social benefits and subsidies in the new heating season, the press service of the Ministry of social policy of Ukraine.

At a briefing Vitaly Muzychenko told about peculiarities of obtaining benefits and subsidies in this cold season.

“We all have long been discussing the issues of subsidies. So, last year it was the process of monetization. But in Ukraine, there is another system of social protection of separate categories of citizens, which is based on the provision of benefits to certain categories of citizens. It is benefits that get under the law, war veterans, Chernobyl victims, children of war, veterans of military service, etc.” — said muzichenko

According to him, overall, the legislation provides for the transition in 2019 for the provision of benefits and subsidies in the form of money directly to citizens.

As the Minister said, the first step in this direction was taken in early 2019, when the provision of subsidies in cash.

Now comes the second stage of the reform: transitions to the provision of benefits in cash.

So from October the mechanism of accrual of benefits varies.

“October is the month calculation of the amount of benefits going to use the bodies of social protection of the population of the two mechanisms. The first is payment in cash cashless. It is based on the fact that the beneficiaries did not need to go anywhere… is There another alternative mechanism, which provides that the citizens, from among preferential categories, have the opportunity to move from monetary non-cash form in actual cash as cash”, — informed Muzychenko.

Earlier it was reported that Cabinet of Ministers was instructed to increase social spending.
It was about raising the living wage and the minimum wage.

Has also written about the fact that now receive benefits or a subsidy in cash in one of the 38 Ukrainian banks or in the Department of “Ukrposhta”.

For this you need to open an account, get help with the details and she can contact the Department of citizens ‘ reception USZN.

In addition, it was informed, in the Ministry estimated that about four and a half million households this heating season should take advantage of the subsidies.

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