The Ministry of social policy will allow us to pass on the payment of cash benefits during the heating season

Минсоцполитики позволит переходить на выплаты льгот наличными во время отопительного сезона

The Ministry will initiate changes that will allow beneficiaries to move in the form of cash receipt of welfare benefits during the heating season and not be limited to date until October 15.

This was announced by Deputy Minister of social policy Vitaly muzichenko.

“Now this decision is approved by Cabinet, to January 1, 2020 those who wants to switch to cash subsidies, he could do it at any time. For maximum dissemination of information we have on the website the Ministry will post a road map of the process and distributed in all regional departments of social protection, so that each beneficiary could take a comfortable decision for themselves,” – said muzichenko.

According to the Ministry, at the beginning of this year on housing subsidies provided by the budget of 55.1 billion, after transfers in may of the current year amount has been adjusted to 47.5 billion, which fully covers the needs of beneficiaries. However, only 6% of applicants are denied grants, just filed statements from may 2019, nearly 1.3 million people.

As reported, Ukraine from October 1 begins the monetization of social benefits on housing and communal services after the launch of monetization of subsidies on utilities, which was launched in March.

This parallel will operate two systems of benefits in monetary form – cash or cashless.

Benefits in the form of cash will be administered to all beneficiaries automatically, for example non-cash subsidies through “Oschadbank”. “Oschadbank” will take place in the appropriate automated systems of the account of the Bank’s personalized account of beneficiaries and funds that will be transferred to the account for the payment of benefits for each beneficiary individually. After that the Bank will transfer funds to the account managers, associations, performers of public services on the basis of agreements concluded between them and the Bank.

Benefits in cash will be assigned to all interested recipients based on the submitted personal statements in the bodies of social protection of the population, who will form monthly 25th of the registers of beneficiaries for payment of benefits in cash and to transfer them to the Ministry of social policy.

The Ministry of social policy after processing registers will send their “savings” and transfer the Bank account funds for payment of monetized benefits. Funds will be transferred to the personal accounts of beneficiaries, who can withdraw them from your account at any time.

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