The minute retro: the first “adult” role of Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor

Three-time winner of the award “Oscar”, one of the brightest, creative and talented Actresses Elizabeth Taylor passed away March 23, 2011. During his lifetime, the star performed more than eighty roles in movies, many of which became iconic and earned her awards and international acclaim. But on the very first “adult” role actress in the movie “the Conspirator” (Conspirator), which began its ascent to Hollywood Olympus, says not so much, but it has become a landmark in the career of the actress. Why the painting was controversial critics, but, nevertheless, revealed the talent of the young Taylor, talk in our material on SPLETNIK.RU.
Elizabeth Taylor and Robert Taylor in “Conspirator”

Play movie Elizabeth Taylor started in childhood. At nine years old she starred in the film “Every minute someone is born” (There’s One Born Every Minute), and shortly after that her parents offered to sign a film company. Beauty and talent little Elizabeth just couldn’t stay unnoticed, so proposals she received from all sides. Her career rapidly took off, making the girl quickly matured and at the age of 16 had already begun to appear in not children’s movies.

My first “adult” role she played in the film “Conspirator” in 1949. Then Taylor was 16 years old, and her participation in the film many perceived quite ambiguously. Company on the set she was Robert Taylor, the hero of which scenario she falls in love and then marries him. The fact that the age difference of the actors were 21 and Taylor at the time was not even an adult. By the way, the plot of the film was based on the novel “the Conspirator” Humphrey Slater, in which the main character is already 18 years old.

Robert Taylor and Elizabeth Taylor in “Conspirator”

That Taylor was offered this role, there is nothing surprising. Many Directors noted that, as a child, she looked exactly like an adult. It didn’t even have to make up — bright facial features, long and lush lashes and the extraordinary beauty of the eyes have become her trademark.

There is nothing for children. Her eyes are too old,

— once said one of the Directors.

Elizabeth Taylor in “Conspirator”During the filming of Taylor, of course, had to kiss his partner on the set. However, at that moment, she was in love with a high school student John Derek, with whom he had studied at Hollywood high school. The work kept her so long that she could not concentrate either on the object of his adoration, no homework.

How I can to do everything, when Robert Taylor without end shoves his tongue down my throat?

was all she said.

Elizabeth Taylor and Robert Taylor in “Conspirator”

Elizabeth Taylor and Robert Taylor in “Conspirator”

May and Taylor, as many then thought, was too young and maybe even a bit frivolous for this role, she managed to show himself as a very versatile actress, that is not always possible to do even more experienced stars.

At the age of 17 to show the love for the Motherland is stronger than the love of man is, you know, not just to be able to have, it is only by a brilliant actress that Taylor and demonstrated

— wrote one Internet user in the comments to the film.

Robert Taylor and Elizabeth Taylor in “Conspirator”

The picture, despite the ambiguity, was quite successful and brought Taylor’s fame and popularity. After that, even the most skeptical critics admitted that the actress will be a big success in movie. And so it happened. A couple of years after this came one of the most famous films featuring Taylor — “a place in the sun” (A Place In The Sun), and after ten years she received her first “Oscar” in the nomination “Best actress” for her role in the film “Butterfield 8” (Butterfield 8).

Up early, Taylor may, in a sense, lost his childhood, however, left behind films that have become iconic and legendary.

Elizabeth Taylor and Robert Taylor in “Conspirator”

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