The miraculous icon of the Mother of God “reigning” (1917)

Twice blessed virgin Mary appeared in a dream to the peasant woman Eudocia Adrianova.

Чудотворна ікона Божої Матері, іменована «Державна» (1917)

March 15

In February 1917 Evdokia heard the words of the virgin: “in the village of Kolomenskoye big black icon. She needs to take — let him pray”. A few days later she saw a white Church and there sitting stately Wife. The woman decided to find what he saw in a dream the Church. March 2 (March 15, new style) in the village of Kolomenskoye near Moscow, she recognized the Church of the ascension, the same dream she, the Church. In the result of diligent searches undertaken together with the Abbot of the temple, in the Church basement was found a large dark icon of the Mother of God that was manifested Evdokia image. The icon was immediately venerated as miraculous, it made numerous lists, she was invited to make a prayer to all the surrounding villages, a monastery, temples, and factories all over Moscow.

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