The MLS wants to play “as many games as possible”

La MLS veut jouer «le plus de matchs possible»

Like the other four major circuits in sports north american Major League Soccer (MLS) is exploring options regarding the possible resumption of activities this summer.

Who also suspended the season of its league because of the pandemic of COVID-19 march 12, last year, commissioner Dan Garber revealed Monday network ESPN that the priority was to “play as many games as possible” when it is safe to do so. For the moment, all scenarios are considered.

“With formats of tournament and neutral venues, and ultimately a season shortened, but we do everything we can to play more matches”, was suggested by Garber, explaining that these matches would probably be played behind closed doors.

Moratorium extended

For the moment, the directive of the MLS, its teams and players is a complete prohibition of take of the training sessions until the 24th of April. This moratorium will be extended for a few weeks, said Garber.

Garber also noted that it closely followed the resumption of the activities in Germany to see how the training protocols and the tests were put in place.

In addition, formal discussions should soon be opened with the players about a reduction in pay. The three main leaders of the MLS, including Garber himself, have already accepted a reduction of 25% in the last week.

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