The money for “knit a summer” in Quebec city

De l’argent pour «se tricoter un été» à Québec

 The mayor of Quebec city has announced a series of measures totalling $ 2.8 million to prepare for the summer in Quebec city, anticipating the start of the déconfinement to come.

First, a significant discount will be granted to approximately 190 restaurateurs who will open their terrace.

Instead of about $ 3,300 on average, the municipal license will cost them this was only $ 50. The City thus deprived of 660 000 $, but for the mayor, it is important to ” take actions to enhance the lives of our fellow citizens. We attempt to help the population to live through this period. We are going to try to knit a summer “.

It also assesses the possibility that the terraces may encroach upon the streets in order to promote social distancing.

As well, some roads could become pedestrian-only at certain times of the week.

The measures announced are of course dependent on the decisions of the public health.

The City will comply with the guidelines on the distances. But the City wants to take the lead in its preparation, because ” if we do nothing, nothing will happen “, said Régis Labeaume.

The City also gives the green light to the preparation day camps, municipal, with 27 organizations that operate 55 locations in the territory. The funds available are $ 1.7 million. The inscriptions can therefore continue.

“We will accept the usual number of children, which is 17 000. If public health were ordered later than the cancellation activity, parents will be reimbursed, ” promised the mayor.

The camps need a month of preparation in order to be operational. The deadline for response is 25th may.

Places ephemeral

The seats ephemeral will be furnished. It provides for a fifty. The City is subsidizing $ 300,000 to the budget allotted seat ephemeral, especially for animation.

The City will also purchase more digital books to make them available to library patrons.

In all, 5000 copies will be purchased, for a total of $100,000.

The leader of the opposition, Jean-François Gosselin, as the advisor of Democracy Quebec, Jean Rousseau, have applauded the measures adopted.

“I thank the mayor on behalf of the merchants who operate the terraces. It is very close to what was asked. We are very pleased “, said Mr. Gosselin.

“Ironic “

It also welcomes the decision of the City set in motion the preparation of the summer camps, the leader of the opposition has pointed out that, according to him, there is a certain contradiction with the remarks that the mayor has held in the last week. “The situation is ironic because as recently as a few days ago, the mayor of Quebec city itself requested the prime minister to keep the schools closed until the fall. And then, today, he comes to speak to us about the possibility of opening programs vacation-summer. “

The City has also decided to appoint a private company with which it is under contract to proceed with the repair of potholes, while the City employees will focus on the cleaning of the streets.

$2.8 Million of new measures

  • $1.7 Million for the preparation day camps
  • 660 000 $ in a reduction of cost of permits of terraces
  • 300 000 $ to lay out the squares ephemeral
  • 100 000 $ for the purchase of digital books
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