“The mood of the political elite has not changed”: the United States adopted a bill on the possibility of recognition of Russia as “state sponsor of terrorism”

The U.S. Senate Committee on foreign Affairs approved a bill that requires the Secretary to define, whether Russia to the countries — sponsors of terrorism. According to the document, we are talking about the support of LNR and DNR: the state Department must decide whether they are terrorist organizations. The sponsors were senators Cory Gardner and Robert Menendez, known for his anti-Russian initiatives. Experts believe that the Congress continues to line the containment of the Russian Federation, as the United States cannot oppose it.

«Настроение политической элиты не изменилось»: в США приняли билль о возможности признания России «спонсором терроризма»

© Kevin Lamarque / ReutersКомитет of the U.S. Senate on foreign Affairs approved a bill under which the Secretary of state must decide whether Russia to the countries — sponsors of terrorism. This was reported by the author of the bill, Republican Senator from Colorado Cory Gardner.

“Vladimir Putin does not leave attempts to inflict serious damage to international peace and stability, and I am pleased that today the Senate Committee on foreign relations supported my most important bill requiring the state Department to consider the question of recognition of Russia as what it is — a state sponsoring terrorism”, — quotes the words of Gardner his website.The corresponding document was published on the website of the us Congress. The creators of the bill are two: the co-author Cory Gardner was democratic Senator Robert Menendez from new Jersey.

According to the document, U.S. Secretary of state (currently this Mike Pompeo) must determine whether the Russian Federation to States sponsors of terrorism, and whether “sponsored by the Russian armed forces in Ukraine,” foreign terrorist organizations. We are talking about the self-proclaimed Luhansk and Donetsk people’s republics.The Secretary of state must announce his decision within 90 days after the entry into force of this bill.

“Not later than 90 days after the entry of this law into force the Secretary of state shall submit to the appropriate congressional committees a conclusion about whether the Russian Federation criteria for declaring it a state sponsor of terrorism. The report shall be submitted in unclassified form, but may, if necessary, have a classified Annex,” reads the document.

The list of state sponsors of terrorism was launched in 1979. Currently it mentions Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria. In different historical periods sponsors of terrorism, the US declared Cuba, Iraq, Libya, and South Yemen.
The status of “sponsor of terrorism” involves a wide range of economic and political sanctions. For example, a ban on the buying and selling of weapons, and to trade with the country dual-use items, you need 30 days to notify Congress.

The US government is forbidden to provide this kind of state economic assistance and are required to act in international organizations against giving him any loans. Any citizen of the United States to prohibit financial transactions with such country.

Also provides for other measures regarding, for example, restrictions on the entry of representatives of the state sponsor of terrorism in the United States.

The myth of “Russian threat” was previously allowed US to consolidate NATO, however, is in Washington now faced with the fact that it needs to be updated, explained the causes of such bill, the political scientist Alexander Asaph.

“Created the myth of the bad Russia as the main threat was allowed to build a rhetoric of mobilization and unification within NATO. And it worked fine. But it is obvious that this trend is losing relevance and attractiveness for inhabitants and what is important for US allies. To get them to pay money to participate in joint cases is very difficult. Russian history should be updated,” said Asaph, the RT.

“Deterrence involves increasing pressure”

It should be noted, Russia and the United States cooperate in the fight against terrorism. So, during his recent visit to the United States foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov held talks with President Donald trump and Secretary of state Mike Pompeo. Both parties then noted that, despite some differences, both Washington and Moscow are developing cooperation in combating terrorism and drug trafficking.

«Настроение политической элиты не изменилось»: в США приняли билль о возможности признания России «спонсором терроризма»

© Jonathan Ernst/Reuters”by the way, and ours, and American delegations have interdepartmental character there presented and diplomats, and the military, and services that have a direct duty to combat the terrorist threat. This is a very useful mechanism that allows a comprehensive approach to the unification of our efforts in this topical area,” said Lavrov.

At the same time, it should be noted that Cory Gardner regularly participates in anti-Russian initiatives. So, he’s listed as a co-author of the bill on sanctions against pipelines from Russia on combating cyber threats allegedly coming from Moscow, Beijing, Tehran and Pyongyang, as well as “the protection of American security from the aggression of the Kremlin.” A similar view is held by Robert Menendez.

The US government cannot influence the Congress, which takes anti-Russian stance, stated the expert of the International Institute gumanitarno-political researches Vladimir Bruter.

“Trump can not participate in it and can not forbid them to do. It is also worth noting that Lavrov’s visit, the mood of the American political elite has not changed. She for a long time believed and will believe that Russia must hold, — he said in conversation with RT. Deterrence involves increasing pressure and, accordingly, it will increase. This is one scenario that corresponds to the position of the American political elite.”George Mazalov, Anna Lushnikova

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