The more the child is like the father, the healthier she will be! Here’s why..

A new discovery of scientists.

Чим більше дитина схожа на батька, тим здоровіше вона буде! Ось чому..

Maybe you are happy that you have your mother’s eyes, but for you it would be useful to be more similar to the father, as evidenced by the new study, reports Rus.Media.

Scientists found that the babies who at birth more like a father, hold father more time and, in addition, I have more good health until one year of age.

The study was conducted Binghamtonics state University of new York. Honorary Professor of Economics, Solomon Polacek says:

“The father plays an important role in the upbringing of the child, affecting the child’s health. When the father sees that the child is similar to him in appearance, he is more convinced that this is his descendant, so spends more time with him”.

According to the study, parents whose children were like that, carried with them an average of 2.5 days per month more than parents whose children are not like them.

And you who look like?

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