The Moscow city court upheld the detention of four Ukrainian sailors

The court refused to release the sailors.

Московський міський суд залишив під вартою ще чотирьох українських моряків

The Moscow city court on Tuesday, February 12, left the detention of four Ukrainian prisoners of war sailors.

This was reported in Facebook the lawyer Nikolai Polozov, informs Rus.Media.

Thus, the court held consideration of appeals of protection of the second four prisoners of the Ukrainian seamen: Eugene Samidillo, Andrew Oprysko, Roman and Sergey Mokryak Cibta.

“All four prisoners were taken to court, but at the request of the investigator supported by the Prosecutor, the court decided to hold the hearing behind closed doors. During the session the defense applied for the admission of copies of the PACE resolution, which requires the Russian authorities for the immediate release of the captured sailors and their treatment in accordance with the rules of the Geneva conventions. In the meeting the request was denied,” – said Polozov.

He said that the court refused to release the sailors.

“The final decision of the court was the same as in the previous four – the decision of the Lefortovo district court of Moscow upheld, and the prisoners remain in jail until the end of April,” the lawyer wrote.

Московський міський суд залишив під вартою ще чотирьох українських моряків

We will remind, in the evening of 25 November it became known that the Russians seized Ukrainian ships on their way to the sea of Azov through the Kerch Strait. To carry out its operations of Russia drew combat helicopters, and also blocked the passage through the Kerch Strait. The attack of Russia on the ship of naval forces of Ukraine were injured, three Ukrainian sailors.

Subsequently, the courts of the occupied Crimea arrested all Ukrainian sailors that were captured by the FSB of Russia in the Azov sea.

January 15-16 Lefortovo court of Moscow (Russia) has extended until April 24, the arrest of all prisoners of war 24 Ukrainian sailors.