The most accurate description of males of different Zodiac signs who’s your soulmate!

Самая точная характеристика мужчин разных знаков Зодиака — кто твоя вторая половинка!


Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, this means that its representatives there are a lot of childlike. Usually this man looks younger than his years, and to be completely honest, it seems that they never get old. If you ever met a marathoner elderly or grandpa danced the twist is typical of a Mature RAM. Such men retain a sense of celebration of life in a quiet routine.

If you like noisy company, “lamb” just for you – with him you will never get bored. Be prepared for the fact that you can raise the middle of the night for a romantic stroll through the city. The level of denial is capricious in these respects is permitted only to him, and your task is to direct the spotlight toward his elect.

Near Aries life will remind baby swings: you will rise so high that the man did not hesitate to try to get you a star from the sky; it will appear at the bottom and see all the earthiness of your partner.


The representative of this sign combines several of the ideal male qualities. He is patient, wise, and Thrifty. He will never accuse you of infidelity, if you do not understand the situation and present the most tangible evidence of self-righteousness and your frivolity.

That’s that, but take him out of balance, and waving a red rag in front of the nose of the bull not worth it – will be with him in the arena where you can hurt to the side or even spread on the horns.

On the domesticity of the Taurus is legendary, no wonder this sign is the House of talent and money. He earns well, but will never allow a woman to throw money away.

However, you will be allowed to buy different lovely things from souvenir shops during a romantic trip, and then together arrange their home. The famous Taurus is a good appetite. Feed him sandwiches or fast food will not work, you will have to buy a cookbook Jamie Oliver and enroll in courses “Butter cakes”.


To better understand the male Twin, refer to mythological characteristics of this sign. This image of the two brothers who are embracing and looking at each other; one lives in the realm of the dead, the other among the living. So in reality: often this man immersed in a world of their own illusions, he had his vision on the family and on a woman.

The main thing – not to disturb him to dream and the ability to withdraw from the illusory state, to save from doubt and uncertainty. Give him the opportunity to be different, and you will feel that living near not one but a few people. The mood of the men changing at lightning speed: he is now in need of comfort, the next minute approval, then half an hour back to being happy as ever.

Be prepared for the fact that your sweetheart can’t stop talking. It really is a great speaker! Twin – a real guide to life that will find a way out of any difficult situation and will point you in the right guidance.


A very interesting character! On the one hand, is a caring father (the sign of Cancer is the House of children); and on the other, himself as a child in need of care and comfort. Cancer need to constantly encourage and motivate. If this is not done, it will simply inflate, get deep in your house and close it, and pull it out from this depression very difficult. Remember that the strength of a man of weakness.

If you are a woman with a strong maternal instinct and need to constantly someone to take care of, that the Cancer will welcome your concern. In this case, you will not only get a completely “manual” partner, but also a good father of a family to which advice will be to contact your children.

He would be their good friend and great mentor, who at the time show sympathy and prostimulirujte carrot. But the whip in this pair will you. If you are not willing to accept these rules next to the soft and sensitive Cancer, the joint life with him will seem too dull.


Lion – powerful king, who does not know how to find compromises. You have to really try hard to find arguments to convince his “girl” the opposite. Don’t be surprised if in the end your idea he will take for his and will present as “ideas of the century”. You have to obediently do his will, carefully listen and time to speak words of encouragement, even if they seem absolute flattery.

A male lion will never feel it. Want to charm? Listen to him, opened her mouth, all assents and constantly talk about his greatness. Get ready for what you have to share with him a mirror, shelves in the bathroom and wardrobe. Three leather jackets and suede five boots it is clearly not enough.

But don’t forget that if you accept the game of a Lion, it’ll never be unhappy or not loved in the relationship. But! Even if you have harnessed this “big cat” from time to time he would walk by himself with whomever you want.


From which planet came this man? With mercury, which birth controls the life Dev. If you have heard the expression: “And Shvets, and the Reaper, and on dude igrets”, it is fully consistent with this character. This is the man who likes to do everything himself: his own boss, he drives the car, finds the money…

These freedom-loving men choose a job in which no one above them, not the bosses. To manage and manipulate a Virgin is impossible – to give a command they love. As a chief they can hire workers only to have someone who listened carefully to their instructions – to work alone, virgin not used.

Do not try to treat the virgin, such a man will not miss the opportunity to cheer strictly to the minute to take the pill without violating the advice of a doctor. And still is an avid workaholic. If he found his life’s work, consider that lost her man on the work front.


Have you ever seen an ancient statue of Venus de Milo? Truly the standard of beauty! And man-Libra: handsome, beautifully built, with a great physique and beautiful fingers. If you ask: “Why do we compare man with Venus?” So after all this planet, protects this sign.

Hence all his delicacy of sentiment and elegance of manners. If you don’t want to lose such a man, never make rude and ignorant behavior. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink and always wipe up the table after a romantic dinner. What you do not forgive, it is an encroachment on his territory – the rugged individualists of the Weights your Bank account, its credit history, and, of course, has its own comb. Even if you live for several years together, till the end don’t know: this is a fluffy white kitten or a wild deer? This man keeps many secrets and mysteries.

To any question he will answer tersely: “See.” “We’ll see”. “Don’t know”. Don’t be surprised if one fine day you see in front of her window or luxury car will know that you are the owner of a new apartment. Male-Libra likes to surprise his partner, and he will give odds to any zodiac sign.


Scorpio is similar to the Rubik’s Cube. And how quickly you learn to put it depends only on your desire to be near him. Imagine that you read a good detective in the process of immersion you sure know how to start a storyline, but when you get to the final, “understand that I understand nothing” and we have to start all over again.

You can never guess what is now in the mind of a Scorpio, what he’s thinking and what feelings does. Shouldn’t the representative much to provoke feelings and hard to climb to it in soul it can hurt you to sting with words. If a man is silent it does not mean that he does not agree with you. Scorpio will do anything cebupacific your life to your desires.

At the very beginning of living together, you will learn all about his habits and preferences, and will not notice how the morning will brew him a tea with two sugars, to spread butter on black bread and put on top a slice of goat cheese 5 millimeters thick. You will have to go to tint eyelashes and to smooth out the folds of the dress – Scorpios love with their eyes.


“My dear stranger, where are you, what’s wrong with you? You are in some unknown country?” And I want to sing about Sagittarius. This man is in the House of a traveler – hence all its routes. Even if such a person does not choose a profession associated with the constant trips, it will regularly run for any other reason.

Sagittarius – a real lone wolf. At home, he’ll find a secluded place and there will be play for hours on end.

Sagittarians love to invent Hobbies, they make good collectors who are well versed in the art. Often these men receive higher education by correspondence, because I do not think it appropriate to spend the best years. However, Sagittarius is the wisest sign in the zodiac circle.

I want to emphasize and the natural decency of the man. I bet Robin hood was an Archer. Representatives of this sign are always on the side of the weak, women and truth.


The male Capricorn is the image of the mountain eagle with wings and a fish tail coming out of the sink. Complex image with a seemingly absurd combinations of various qualities and in the House of the father and wage earner. Because of his reticence and obstinacy of such men, to put it mildly, on the fan, or rather to the woman who is not looking for easy ways, and chooses a life path with sharp turns and bumps.

It is everywhere: in the home, in romantic relationships. Rising through the ranks, he attains great heights in the career. From Capricorns make good leaders. Their superiority they carry very bossy and twist wife and children. Get ready for what will have to sacrifice for the sake of Capricorn your career, to help him climb to the top of mount Olympus. Near you will constantly arrive a sad knight who loves heavy armor, large chests, old paintings.

From time to time he would disappear on business trips, to disappear in an unknown direction. But despite the complexity of the character, Capricorn puts before itself the big purposes and, as a rule, reaches them, thereby taking care of the comfort of the household and social level of the family.


You will constantly lose sight of the Aquarius man. It would be hard to put points predydushih relations, and from time to time he would return to them – suddenly, there remained something yet unknown? Go in search of his men with a known address and no offense, just Aquarius so gallant and guileless that it is difficult to say the word “No” – he goes where he will.

Representatives of this sign appreciate in the relations of friendship, they are able to listen to the woman, taking her under his wing. Near you will always be a reliable shoulder. Male Aquarians like to solve the mystery, the more you have skeletons in the closet, the more interesting he is to watch you and to achieve. Mysterious smile, place a solid dot…

Give him all sorts of gadgets Aquarians love technology. Rarely taste in clothes. If you succeed in the gray cardinal, you will see next to a man who knows how to charm and amaze, to open new horizons.


Do you know at what depths dwells the man-Fish? This question is impossible to answer, among them are found two subspecies: freshwater and predatory. The first is a silent and vulnerable, the second – the desperate idealists.

The sign Pisces is the House of mystery. This man just makes the mystery a sense of mysticism imbued all his life. He can not stand alone, so it is easy to catch in the marriage network.

Fish – great aesthetes, they love successful and beautiful women. In relationships they give her full freedom for self-development, support and help to stand up at any stage.

It is not necessary to test his patience, he can hit the tail so that the spray will scatter in different directions – you will not forgive even flirt and not realize the lack in the evening after work. Such a man lives on the principle of Fish swimming where there is a deep feeling and transparency.

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