“The most dangerous gang of cops”. Why on the Ukrainian highways are increasingly wielded by the robbers and how to avoid becoming their victim

"Самые опасные - банды из ментов". Почему на украинских автотрассах все чаще орудуют разбойники и как не стать их жертвой

Monday, November 4, there was another robbery at one of the main highways of Ukraine – Odessa-Kiev. Unknown gunmen at gunpoint took away three entrepreneurs from Poltava 12 million hryvnia, which were intended for the purchase of goods.

Such crimes have recently become commonplace in the Ukrainian criminal statistics. And Odessa route is one of the most dangerous roads in the country.

Why is the highway robbery, find out the “Country”.

Criminals, cops and veterans. Who goes in them

Road robberies in Ukraine flourished in the 90-ies.

Was the whole gang who specialised in this fishery. So, in 2002, Ukrainian police detained the gunman Chekanu Alexander, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, which is under the “noble” nickname “Black Colonel” for nearly six years lived by robbery on the roads, stopping buses and cars and taking money at gunpoint from business – Shuttle.

Then the theme of robberies declined and only resumed after the war in the Donbass.

One of the first known road gangs were a group of inhabitants of Zhytomyr region, who used firearms, smuggling brought from the ATO area.

Weapons in the last five years there has become an available commodity in our country. As shown by the registers of court decisions, pistols now sell for 100 – 200 dollars, and the machine can be bought for 300-500 dollars.

An important factor in the snowballing of the epidemic of robberies was that returned from the war a lot of people who learned to fight professionally. And most important – learned how to kill. Another factor – many ex-military, in fact, proved to be unnecessary and not needed in Ukraine.

“Assault teams, usually paid in thieves’ obshchak, so the leader in such teams, as a rule, a previously convicted felon. But ordinary soldiers of a brigade composed of former Volunteers, offenders, often athletes. There are other teams of bandits – former cops. These dangerous purely “criminal”, since I know the specifics of the investigation, they have ties with the police force, they also have operational skills. Therefore, to calculate and to seek such gang much more difficult” – has shared the employee of criminal investigation Department of GUNP Kiev region Igor P.

Preparing for the robbery on the road and performance

Preparation and execution of a criminal gang robbery on the road often resembles the development of complex tactical military operation.

This “the Country,” said Odessa Constantine, who had served a term for such “raids”.

The most valuable, according to our source, the first stage of the planning of the robbery is information about who, when, where and how much money you will be transporting.

“The main thing is to check whether it is a setup by the cops. How much money is the second importance information. Anyway, where is this going, money can carry in the city – from the Bank or to the Bank for domestic payments or for the purchase of goods. The key here is the amount of money. If “lave worthy” – at least more than five thousand dollars, they will be taken away in any case – whether or not the Fuckers (the victims – Ed.) security, or weapons, or not. Information about transport money often merges someone from subordinates firmachey. Or do Commerce some want to punish a business partner for some schools, others simply to share with the raiders – they need money. That is, information leak always comes from within. Some very prosharenny teams – there are people in large firms. Specially arranged to work for months collecting information about who, where and how much carries the dough. Often the information about the future carriage of money is a completely open – especially among the market of drug dealers (traffickers – Ed.). Market throughout the world are collected loot to purchase goods at some major market 7 kilometer Odessa, or on Barabashovo in Kharkov. Sometimes the market go with money in a group of several dozen people on the bus, believing that if a lot of them, then it is safe. They are greatly mistaken. There were cases when robbed such groups stopped on the road”, – says Konstantin.

“When information about future money transfer verified, begin to plan hitting. Before leaving, the carriers of money to the track in advance leaves one “main” group – three-four “fighters” in the car. The main machine goes into five to ten miles ahead of the carriers. That is, Commerce simply can not see. The driver of the “basic” needs to be very experienced and “projivanii” – he is fully responsible for a quick departure after a “collision”. Checks before operation the car to the screw, all should be fine. The machine is most often either stolen the day before and were not yet in the COP database for theft, either from the “left” room. Second, the carrier checks for cameras on the track and the road itself with all the detours and turns on country roads – he should know them by heart. He also needs to monitor whether there is traffic on the road and the patrol cops – there is a radio with scanners that COP catch the wave and listen to conversations. In the RAID led does not participate – its a matter of wait and quick to start once the money will be taken. The car carriers always go to the observers. This files most often on two different machines. Alternate ways to carriers have not fallen to “treason” (not frightened of surveillance – Ed.)”, – says our interlocutor.

According to him, observers on the phone, is closed due – at Watsu or telegram, according to the main group, and how fast you go Commerce.

“If necessary, these observers could insure at the time of the RAID, for example, “accidentally” block the exit where you left off carriers after the RAID. Or even “accidentally” bump into them. But this is the most extreme option. The main function of the observer – report “major”, where he stopped the carriers to eat at a roadside diner, or just cast – smoke-exercise. At this point, “main” car turns around and returns to the stop position. At the time of the RAID it is very important to strike fear in the huckster – a shot in the air, scream, like, everybody on the ground” – describes the source of the “Country.”

He notes that it is also important to know what are taking the money: “there were cases when in a hurry got the wrong bag… usually in the first moment, the carriers fall into a stupor, especially if fired into the air. It is very important to figure out who of the carriers with the fleet and can get into a fight. Such immediately jammed a baton or a gas tank. By the way, while the main group takes the loot, the carrier must quickly cut the ramps of car carriers. The observer at this time is near, on the lookout, looking around. But does not intervene as an outsider. After the operation the observer leaves, but later. May even wait for the police to see the continuation of “marlezonskogo ballet.” As soon as I took the loot, basic leave, but on the road a long time do not go – turn on some secondary road”.

“The main machine, which participated in the RAID, often after a long time hiding somewhere in the garage. If the amount is very large, and the car is stolen, it can simply drive to a secluded place in the land, the pre-wiping with alcohol all the “fingers” – the steering wheel, door handles, on the dashboard. Will not be burning as a column of smoke visible from afar. After that, the main group split – go one – two, even on the bus with the loot to sit down and go. But most often, basic money then select the observers,” concludes our source.

By the way, café fontanel favorites for deposits on carriers of money from the Poltava, was probably chosen by chance – just businessmen stopped there to eat. And hoped that the safe place – the cafe is located 2 kilometers from the stationary police post.

However, raiders is not confused – near the cafe there is a convenient u-turns in the opposite direction. The bandits worked for the operation for a few seconds and apparently went in the opposite direction from the police post. By the way, according to the “Country” the car apparently turned on one of the side roads immediately after the RAID. In any case, the machine that remembered the victims, did not pass under any one of the stationary cameras on the route Kiev-Odessa.

How to escape from a robbery?

In order to protect themselves from robbery to remember some basic principles of security shared with the “Country” field investigators of the police.

First of all, it is necessary to think – whether it is necessary to contact the cash transfer? Or you can throw money into a Bank account or for several accounts, so as not to get under the hood monitoring (it monitors all transactions to more than 150 thousand hryvnia).

If there is no alternative to the transport of cash, then first things first remember — for information about future money for transport or place of storage, literally hunt criminal structures. So you should remember the old poster of the war – “even the walls have ears.”

You said the phrase money for transport even in the family circle may soon to “merge” the crime of wife or children talk to their friends or close relatives, then the information will spread uncontrolled.

About the cash transfer should not talk on the phone or schedule an in instant messengers social networking – there is also the risk of uncontrolled leakage. If communication is necessary, it is best to call one of the messengers (WatsApp, Telegram, Facebook) or texting, avoiding mentioning the word “money” and specific amounts.

In addition, in Ukraine there are many security firms which undertake to accompany private “collectors” and businessmen—buyers. Armed guards and an escort from Kiev to Odessa costs around 500-600 dollars. Running into a firefight don’t like even the most daring robbers. By the way, now it is official, you can hire the support of even a police guard, which will accompany you in flak jackets and carrying military weapons. This service will cost about two times more expensive than from private owners.

But if for some reason all of these tips are unacceptable or impracticable, then stick to some of the most basic rules.

First of all, you get money indoors (in any case not on the street or in a public place like a restaurant or shopping Mall). Further, the low stops on the way. The deletion of stops in cafes, restaurants, hotels, and, especially, “to the field”. To move around in the daytime.

These rules, of course, 100% security is not guaranteed, but the risks of robbery will reduce.Alexander Sibirtsev