The most dangerous Islands that better than anyone not to visit

The most DANGEROUS Islands that are better not to visit. On our planet, there are a lot of Islands with beautiful nature and beaches, the perfect place for relaxation. But some of them are actually dangerous. And I think that You just need to know about possible threats when they meet at a resort in warmer climes.

Nukuhiva. Part of French Polynesia on the southern side of the Pacific ocean is a very developed tourist infrastructure, beautiful beaches and landscapes. It’s easy to get there, but to get… the fact that the Islands are home to tribes of cannibals, and in 2011 there ate a German tourist was found with his clothes and bones.

Barsakelmes. In Kazakhstan, near the Western coast of the Aral sea, Barsakelmes — literally, “will not return”. And this is not a story, nobody lives here. And if someone foolishly wanders here, then after a while he feels fear and runs away, forgetting everything. Thus, returning to the village, it turns out that it’s been a few years, as people left and then came back. They say in Soviet times there he tested biological weapons.

Enewetak. This small Atoll between Hawaii was the testing ground for American atomic bombs in the middle of the last century. The radiation level there was off the charts, and the population was evacuated. After a certain period of time the population was allowed to return, but the radiation still had not been eliminated.

Comoros. Paradise island in the Indian ocean just crowded malarial mosquito in hotels on the beds, a built-in mosquito nets, on the streets people are walking around with mosquito masks on the face. There is a risk of Contracting hepatitis E, poisoned water, or even milk.

Hawaii. On one of the Islands in Hawaii, there is a chain of volcanoes, the most dangerous in the world. Constant activity and ash emissions and lava recorded since 1983. Sometimes the lava gets to the settlements, burning everything in its path.

Komodo. Island in Indonesia, there lives a giant lizard of Komodo. it has a giant size, runs fast, and its bite is able to bring hundreds of diseases at once, and saliva is extremely poisonous. Komodo carnivorous reptile predator.

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