The most direct Way to the heart of each sign of the Zodiac is the best!

Самый прямой Путь к сердцу каждого знака Зодиака — самый верный!

What horoscopes of thing happens almost every occasion. This time we invite you to learn how best to build a loving relationship depending on the Zodiac sign of your partner.

The love of Scorpio

Problem: Scorpio believes that nobody likes him. It can easily go eat, thinking about what the cause of your dislike to him.

Solution: convince him that he is the smartest, most beloved, most beautiful, and in General, he is the best in the world. Take care of the feelings of Scorpio, don’t allow the slightest negative comments in his direction. When Scorpio is self-confident on all hundred, he will move mountains for both of you. But, giving it one hundred percent, Scorpio, and you require the same, always and everywhere to be flawless.

Love to Cancer

Problem: silently saves irritation from your mistakes, but in the end, can turn around and leave, not even stating the reason for the gap.

Solution: to Cancer should be taken very carefully, as it exactly relates to you and says that you love or not love, is trying to warn your desires, gently cares about you, but waiting for the same attitude towards itself. Cancer does not tolerate stupidity and its verbal expression, especially in humans. Cancer better bypass the problem side than plunge into the war. Time to pay attention to their behavior and try to eliminate the shortcomings, or your Cancer will bypass you.

In a sexual relationship Cancer likes to experiment, should bear this in mind and be prepared for these experiments. Believe me, the result will surprise you.

Love the lion

Problem: lion does not tolerate criticism.

Solution: if you about — face for the Lion’s reputable, to your opinion, he’ll listen, though, and would first have to hear a lot of interesting. Still, before you the king of the beasts. These relationships will be important in diplomacy, as not to sink to a full obedience “to the king”, but how not to overdo it with his own line of conduct. Turbulent emotions and restraint — all should be in moderation and at the right moment. Like any cat, Leo likes to be scratched behind the ear. The tenderness of the strong beast just needed, because sometimes you want to relax. In General, keep the balance of the manifestation of his own power and restraint, and you will find an indispensable the success of a Lion.

Love machine the lion loves the sound of your feelings. So spare not, and show better emotions slightly louder — the lion does not like silent partners.

Love for Libras

Problem: Libra live by them and established them as one of the famous rules, which makes this Zodiac sign is quite boring. Try to do a small, on their own, without excessive power and financial costs.

Solution: pretend you have rules that you write yourself. Let the Scales of dust in the eyes, tell me what your rules are the right rules in the world, without which you can not live. Gradually move with the Weights in your rules. If the answer will get long bringing bowls of this sign in the balance, and bring critical argument — say you love. Then Libra will quickly reach balance, just by trusting you.

In the pleasures of love, Libra will be inventive and use your imagination, but only after the wedding! Until then, get ready for a boring routine.

Love for Sagittarius

Problem: the Archer puts all worries on their shoulders and relies on himself, not wanting anyone to burden.

Solution: accidentally let the Archer know what he has done. So you’ll let him know that you appreciate all the efforts that it considers routine and commonplace. After some time you will be able to get them of weakness, when you hear how they complain about you on their difficulties. Once hearing that, you will have to try to obtain a vote of confidence again.

In the pleasures of love Sagittarians are quiet and soft. Show affection and tenderness, and Sagittarius will pay you back for its care.

Love to Taurus

Problem: the Taurus requires from the surrounding sea of patience.

The decision: either leave immediately, or be it the most patience. Want to insist on? Be prepared for the fact that the Taurus will be able to put pressure on pity, just to get their way. You will have strong and stable to hold the position, otherwise it is a horned creature will get what he wants. Simply to say that often it happens. Even Taureans are lazy, so have this in mind.

In a sexual relationship Taurus is a lazy — nor provoke, but sometimes you can and try, if you find the right approach.

Love for Capricorn

Problem: Capricorn is extremely secretive.

Solution: tie with Capricorn relationship of unprecedented severity. Be prepared for everything, and even more. If you are such a serious relationship is not needed, just leave. If you dreamed of a Latin American passion, then Capricorn is your option. The full impact of the Capricorn, if he likes, you are guaranteed.

In a sexual relationship is reserved, but if you have achieved a trusting relationship, you will see this sign in all its glory.

The love Twins

Problem: overly romantic, looking for someone better because they want to have something perfect and constantly doubt that they found exactly what they need.

The solution is to turn around and go in the name of saving your feelings. This will switch the attention of the Twin itself, and will be able to get him to understand that he is the love that you have been looking for all my life, and not worth their research to flout such an ideal relationship. In short, show your Twin that you are the same ideal.

In the pleasures of love Twin love sublime the verbal manifestations of affection. Will have to speak up or condemn Twin to disappointment. In this part of the relationship, too, must all be perfect, then the Twins have finally relax and to fully manifest itself.

Love for Aquarius

Problem: extraordinary lack of self-confidence. Aquarius believes that love it can only be for something, and not just. Until the end no one believes, even if it convinces the most sincere words. Likes to suffer himself to torture others, and when others suffer.

Solution: to rapidly Express their dissatisfaction with such behavior. Aquarius lay the blame disregard for your efforts — you bend over backwards to prove his love, but he still doubts and you live quietly does not. Can show Aquarius how much of him you feel bad, how he offended you and brought to the pen. The guilty will try to make amends, but skepticism of his head not thrown away. In General, strength of character here you only save.

In the pleasures of love Aquarius — solid shyness. Aquarius if, God forbid, allowed himself here once, you torment yourself skepticism, and again, brought his ever-frowning Mina. Confirm that everything was just fine, and then Aquarius would be on the seventh heaven from happiness.

Love for Aries

Problem: likes to assert themselves at the expense of others, believes himself to be smarter, faster and stronger than others.

Solution: wait patiently, when life itself will prove to Aries that he is not right in his delusions above. Catch these moments and have time to offer his solution to the problem. If all goes well, this cloven-hoofed will be to you to listen and eventually (in a hundred years, and once in a century), you can even use your advice in the first place. Ignore his charms, because Aries will lose interest in you, soon as I get in their hooves. Even if you are in love with, stubbornly repeat it back, otherwise this “beast” you will enslave.

In lovemaking, Aries always gets what he wants. This is a question for physiological and not related to spiritual experiences. Get ready to fulfill his wishes, or find another partner.

Love to a virgin

Problem: virgin painful clean.

Solution: observe cleanliness and order in all things, and the virgin podstegivaet to observe them even better, although it is better it nobody can’t do. In his quest for perfection Virgo becomes imaginable for the rest of the characters border and trying to go even further. Your praise should be tempered, you have to show her support for the virgin in the quest to become even better and help in this. But some small things can give the palm to her not coping, for example, with the inclusion of your “complicated” technology.

Love machine Virgo rigorous and decent, to provoke something out of the ordinary is possible only gradually, spurred to perfection. With the right manipulation of a virgin can achieve a lot for you.

Love to Fish

Problem: in the beginning of the relationship will have to hide their uncivilized side, and faith in otherworldly forces.

Solution: have patience, is gradually gaining the trust of the Fish and the belief that you are good and they need people who can be relied upon. Fish like a Golden middle in everything, so do not go to extremes and keep the measure. You should harmoniously connect the opposite quality, then the Fish would be easy and good.

Love machine Fish love praise and revelations about how much you love it. Don’t let yourself ease in this area — no jokes and smeshinok here to Fish all very seriously. That is why you can not Fish to enter into a relationship for physical contact — this will persuade them that they — not your option.

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