The most expensive beauty product is not the best

Самый дорогой косметический продукт — не самый лучший

You should not believe that all skin problems will disappear with the right selection of makeup. Well, the best choice will be the most expensive cosmetics.

Самый дорогой косметический продукт — не самый лучший

Natural preparations. The adjective natural in relation to the products from the category of cosmetics and care seems to make them more useful, but this does not mean that they are perfect everyone. Your personal cosmetic product should be based on your skin type, and not on how it is natural. Entirely unnatural products sometimes help without any side effects.
Protection from the sun.
When buying sunscreen is considered that the higher the SPF, the cream better. However, protection from ultraviolet radiation (‘UVA) — only one side of the case. It is necessary to protect themselves against a different type of radiation rays mid-range (UVB). That’s why you should choose a cream that provides protection against both types of radiation, not only those who have the highest SPF.
Water is not an effective substitute for the hydration of the body. And do not think that if you drink a lot of water, thereby sufficiently moisturize itself. Professional humidifiers not only give the skin the water, but also open clogged pores and protect the skin from external pollutants.

Wipes for removing makeup. The use of special wipes — it’s not the best way to remove makeup, because many of them contain alcohol which may irritate sensitive skin. In addition, some women misuse these tissues, causing excessive friction. Try a special oil for purification.

High cost. Just because a product is expensive does not make it the best. Again, be aware of your skin type, because in some cases you can help the most affordable option. The higher the value, the more ingredients used in the product, and this increases the risk of infections and allergies.