The most faithful men in the zodiac sign!

Libra can live your whole life with one woman, never going “left.”

Найбільш вірні чоловіки за знаком зодіаку!


Taurus – the guys who rarely lose. If the male Taurus in love, it seriously and permanently: he’s not going to waste your time on minor things, he’s more interested in a stable relationship with your dream woman. Desires and feelings for him are one and the same, so no sex for sex: all only for love. Astrologers claim: Taurus – the perfect man, so if he chose you, say “Yes”: you will not regret!


Lions – passionate nature, but do not like wasting your energy for nothing. They are interesting to win the heart of one – absolutely perfect – women, than to conquer one stranger a day. Stranger and so obey: the male lion usually looks after himself, dresses elegantly and effortlessly catches the eye of “the hunters.” But the king of beasts wants to see the Queen. He spent a long time looking, but when it finds, turns into a real conqueror. There’s no doubt that sooner or later he still will charm you. And always will be loyal to you, just don’t try to control it. Recognize the leadership of a Lion to surrender it: you will love it!


Virgo is practical and sensible. Sometimes they can seem boring and even cold, but if man-Virgo has a crush on you, do not rush to reject it. Men they make great: no waste, no adultery, “all in house”. However, this does not negate the fact that some Virgo’s insanely jealous: he does not change and the other does not. You have also to forget about the playful looks!


Not strong, but incredibly faithful men. Libra can live your whole life with one woman, never going “left.” Importantly, the one that next, praised, appreciated and loved. Weights are important to demonstrate feelings, they need constant approval. If you can provide him comfort, he will repay you for such devotion that you never dreamed of. But it’s worth it.


Men-Capricorns are hardworking and Thrifty, they are able to create strong relationship. And they are reliable as a rock: his Capricorn you can always rely on. He will not leave in trouble and run away.

Yes, romance in it, maybe not enough, but loyalty is rife. In relationships Capricorns – demanding people: from the partner they want absolute reciprocity and, of course, no betrayals: the betrayal of the man-Capricorn will never forgive.

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