The most harmful product for the health

Самый вредный продукт для здоровья

The American heart Association has published a study showing that the most harmful product can be considered a diet soda, says medical portal.

Scientists strongly recommend that those who can not imagine a day without this drink, to start with in order to reduce its consumption, and then completely excluded from the diet.

According to doctors, soda with sugar substitutes that actually are considered diet, increase the risk of stroke and dementia three times!

The researchers explain that in diet soda instead of sugar, as a rule, use different artificial sweeteners. The same aspartame into the human body, it breaks down into phenylalanine, aspartic acid and methanol that are toxic to the body.

In addition, aspartame has a tendency to accumulate in the brain and cause abnormal activity of nerve cells. Together with other substances in the diet carbonated drinks it adversely affects the liver and promotes the accumulation of toxic buildup in the intestinal tract.

The doctors once again reminded of the fact that in General, carbonated drinks lead to leads to inflammation and destruction of tissues and accelerated aging.

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