The most important exercises for health and longevity

Самые важные упражнения для здоровья и долголетия

Squats are a safe way of pumping blood from the bottom up.

The only contraindication — coxarthrosis one or two joints. Coxarthrosis (arthrosis deformans) is a degenerative disease of the hip joint, which is a lesion of the cartilage and bony growths around the edge of the joint and cystic rarefaction of the tissue of the joint.

Where to start? To measure blood pressure, calculate pulse, wear comfortable clothing. To open the window. At the creaking in his knees do not pay attention.

Exercise 1

Самые важные упражнения для здоровья и долголетия

Original position: feet slightly wider than shoulders, toes out, back straight, hands in front of him. Particularly weakened can recommend the gymnastic stick the shaft of the shovel. Put one end about socks, the other end to hold hands. You can at least hold onto a fixed support. Sit down to thigh level or below. And, making a strong pungent exhale “HHA!”, straighten the legs. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

Go around the table to calm the heart rate (below 100 beats). The ultimate dream is to do 100 squats — 10 times for 10. Everything more is a plus. But it’s not right. Get a diary and day-by-day record, but not reducing the number of sit-UPS. First just need to get to 100. How long it will take days — not important, the main thing is don’t force it, everything will come. After a workout should be fun and done a slight fatigue. And be sure to sweat.

For beginners the heart rate after the completion of this series should not exceed 120 advanced — 160, but on the condition that within 5 minutes after he dropped less than 100 beats per minute. If not omitted, the load, which you yourself allowed, exceeds the capacity of your body. Ideally, in 1 minute it is necessary to perform 3 series of squats 10 times.

This principle applies to daily stress, doing other estranging exercises. Despite the health. Tablets in this case, it is not prohibited. It is better to do exercises on the background of tablets, than to lie in bed and not have the strength to take the same pill in my mouth.

What we gonna do squats?

First, restore normal steady beat (flexion-extension legs), during which intensively include peripheral pumps of the leg muscles. They help to shrink the venous valves and vozvrashat blood into the right atrium. Therefore, performing the load, we actually remove it from the myocardium. And basic hard work take leg muscles. It’s simple. Where in this place the trap? Malnutrition (weakening) of the muscles of the legs, mind not the heart! That is, you just can not perform the required number of sit-UPS. Ill the muscles of the legs, will appear tachycardia, shortness of breath even.

Do not be afraid. Lying on the bed, the heart muscle does not work better. Might lie, though stand — all one. Not yet included toe pumps, recovery will not. And exhale, connecting the diaphragm, strengthens the pumping function of the periphery of the body. And this becomes possible only with squats. We often hear these words: “I’m like a squirrel in a wheel, all day on your feet, and you’re talking about exercise!” The fact is that most people confuse vanity with the right load.

The correct load is primarily a full contraction and full relaxation that is currently muscles with essential breath control. The equipment in the gym kinesitherapy this effect is achieved much faster, but not everyone can attend such therapeutic complexes.

The most difficult — to find exactly those exercises that are perfect for you. Take into account a lot related the same pressure factors. And the pill does not take into account, swallow and wait for the effect. Did not help one — get another. I would say, a rather primitive way to “health.” Do not have to finish medical school, to appoint a drug treatment. I knew a “professional” patient who hospitals studied the formulary section of cardiology. Sometimes they came to him, even the doctors office for advice. This knowledge did not help him, he died at the age of 28.

The second impediment when sit-UPS are muscle pain in the legs weakened. At the cellular level the pain is a blockage in the capillary system. But a cold bath, shower, rubbing a cold, wet towel to remove these misunderstandings. After a few sessions the pain in the muscles of the lower extremities disappears. This, of course, is not easy. But it would be motivation and desire will come by itself.

Exercise 2

Another home exercise for the heart connection of the 2nd floor, that is, the abdominal muscles and diaphragm. Very simple drill press looks like this:

Самые важные упражнения для здоровья и долголетия Самые важные упражнения для здоровья и долголетия

starting position — lying on back (on the floor), legs bent at the knee and ankle lie on the sofa, buttocks touch the sofa. Hands behind your head (or cover his ears with his hands). Slowly exhale, try to lift upper back, trying to get a elbows knees. In fact enough to tear the blades off the floor and draw your abdominal muscles.

Do this exercise in 10 repetitions (at first it may seem easy). Stood (or lying) reassured heartbeat, on all fours, stretching step, walk around the table. And again: the same 10×10. And best of 20×10. The fact that the abdominal muscles recover faster than the muscles of the lower extremities.

Pay attention to the error. Works only the cervical, you would nod your head.” To avoid this, tuck your chin to your chest and hold throughout the exercise.

Needless to say, a simple program consisting of two exercises. Clear for life two exercises, of course, is not enough. But enough to start. Compare: a few pills from the heart, that you eat, replace with two exercises and try to push them (the pills!) out of your life.

Any tablet is a prosthesis of one or another functions of the body. Regularly taking the pill, you sacrificed some function and, therefore, your body Imperceptibly even to himself. If you reach 200-300 movements per session, mastering and more complex programs to restore health and, most importantly, confidence.

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