The most legendary winks explained

Le plus légendaire des clins d’œil expliqué

The spring of 1993, a minor gesture of Patrick Roy between in the legend. Not a judgment or an order granted to the Los Angeles Kings in the Stanley Cup final.

In game no. 4, the famous masked man of the Montreal canadiens denies the winger Tomas Sandstrom for a goal. During a stoppage of play, the Finn looks up to the imposing doorman, who, with a smile, replied to him with a blink of an eye.

Picked up by the television cameras, the image was, and remains, strong. The great Patrick Roy, at the peak of his art.

“He had given me a small kick on the shin guards. It came as instinctively, he recounted in an interview with TVA Sports on Thursday. It was more to demonstrate that “I am in control and it is not true that it is going to go here this evening.””

The men of Jacques Demers had lost the first game at the Montreal Forum. There was no question of leaving Californians to equal the series to 2-2 at home.

“We played good hockey. The guys were on the bottom and it had a beautiful chemistry. It was not the best team on paper, but everyone worked hard.”

Good veterans, a coach is “extraordinary”

The group was also led by a solid group of veterans, like Brian Bellows, Mike Keane and Vincent Damphousse, who did not hesitate to dictate the tone by showing the example to more young people.

“There was a lot of leadership. I look at a guy like Kirk Muller, who was simply extraordinary. So in this series than there is against the Quebec Nordiques.”

“Eric Desjardins was my cochambreur. I can tell you one thing, it is that when he scored his three goals, he was very proud. It was amazing to see how he relished the moment. We had a lot of fun together. We had a beautiful chemistry.”

How headed Demers was there for many, believes the famous no. 33.

“It was always the right player at the right time in the training. He has done an extraordinary job with us. He has been a key factor.”

“This is a man who loved his players, It was easy to give in to the maximum for a man like him.”

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