The most popular names in 2020 are …

    The most popular names in 2020 are …

    Exactly like in 2019, Louise and Gabriel won the prize for the most popular names.

    For the girls, the winning trio still experienced some changes, with the 2e place for Alice and a remarkable rise for the little Alma girls who pass from the 6e place in 2019 at the 3e in 2020. Emma is still part, as for many years, of the list of favorite first names. We also note the disappearance of the top 10 of Charlotte, Adèle, Joséphine for the benefit of Jeanne, Rose and Lina.

    On the boy side, Gabriel has been the most popular first name in Paris for several years. A great success that continues. This year, we note the arrival (or even the return) of Joseph and Léo in the Top 10.

    The data made public on the site, based on births declared in the civil registry last year, reveal that Parisians prefer “classic” and short first names, ranging from one to two. syllables. For female first names, they give their preferences to first names with an “A” sound. This trend is also observable at the national level where these short and old names remain very popular.

    The National Institute of Statistics (Insee) publishes the official list of the first names most often used by year.

    A century ago, in 1920, Marie, Jeanne, Madeleine, Suzanne, Yvonne, Marcelle, Marguerite, Paulette, Renée and Denise dominated the classification of female first names. For boys, the first names in vogue that year were Jean, André, Pierre, René, Marcel, Roger, Louis, Henri, Georges and Robert.

    But history being an eternal restart, 100 years later, these “old” names are once again among the favorites given to babies at this time, like Jeanne and Louis.

    Are you hesitating? Do you want to know the “trendy” names? On the contrary, are you looking for originality? Visit to find the complete list of all Parisian first names given since 2004. You will also have access on this site to all the datasets published by the city’s services under a free license.

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