The most sensitive and the most patient of the Zodiac signs

Самые обидчивые и самые терпеливые знаки Зодиака

We are offended by people when their behavior falls short of our expectations. Sometimes our resentment is fair, but often they arise because of a trifle. As a rule, the touchiness of character for the individual, works to attract attention, as psychological protection and to obtain the internal and real benefits.

How to find out how people touchy?

It’s simple! It is sufficient to know the sign of his zodiac, and to look at this list!


It is unclear what you have managed to offend this lovely creature, but if you hurt him, you will forgive. Once on the door, twice on the rails. Aries are noted for a high degree of anger (except for those who learned to manage their emotions), but they quickly calm down. They are not evil. They then may even regret. And to bring to the hospital oranges and flowers. Or just flowers, but on the grave.


Bulls would be better not to anger. No, once they get you on the horn will not raise. First, they you will be offended. Reading long monologues on “how bad you hurt poor little and, of course, completely innocent Calf.” And you just have to sit and listen to this whining, the benefit, saying it will be exclusively for you, for educational purposes. And so the Bulls will be utter long. And remember all your shit, and again in the thousand and first time to say that you behave badly. And then kaaaak kick with a hoof or a horn! All the hidden useless, just destroy. For the patience of Bulls was impressive, but, alas, not indefinitely.


To quarrel with them only quite unexpectedly. And for them, too. Because they do not know when Dr. Jekyll turn into Mr. Hyde, who does not like the whole world. But a quarrel with the Twins have a high rate of development and unlikely to assault. Most likely, you’ll just mingle with the mud. And then about you just forget.


Cancers are sensitive, and hurting them is easy, too keenly they perceive the world around us.Cancer hurt cunning, vengeful, and still mushy. He can even forgive. Sorry but need to ask very sincerely, not forgetting to prove how much you love angry. However, if the Crabs decided to take revenge, then you will not envy. Sophisticated and malicious revenge will overtake you without fail.


If the lion you are offended, then you probably underestimated him and nezahualpilli. And Leos love to have the full attention of the audience. And they are very offended show. Can you ignore as unworthy of fellowship, and can regnot in the lion by staging the offender is very serious trouble. Don’t forget, these guys can be quite influential. Praise them. They have something to praise, and they really flourish from the falls. And maybe it will be OK. Maybe you even beg and get under the lion’s protection.


You’ve been offended? Write a will. The virgin is very difficult indeed to offend, but if someone already did it… virgin, in fact, not spiteful, even vindictive. They can almost immediately forget that offended. But all abusers are usually written in all sorts of black and a hit list, so to retaliate you will still. Revenge will be sophisticated and cruel, and you are unlikely to be able to prove that Deva tried. Nothing personal will not be there, but revenge, like any company, a Virgo like to implement it effectively.


Scales do not take revenge, they just almost don’t know how to do it. But offended as children, and love to positivity scandals. And yet I long to push the offender on the nerves, his whole appearance showing how the abuser bad. You can, incidentally, and the public to inform about “bad people”. Gossip – the terrible revenge of Scales. The balance must come and ask forgiveness. And you’ll forgive, because I can’t stand to be with someone in a quarrel – it Weights the inner world loses the harmony.


The will write you will not have time: pass condolences to his family. You not only forgive, but will avenge you so recklessly and passionately, you better not being born. Scorpions are extremely vindictive, and hurt them quite easily as they are very impressionable and sensitive. By the way, Scorpions can often try to make offender physical violence. Even if you are in a fight not climb, I really enjoyed the killer you will always be happy. They can forgive but very close to humans, but certainly he will be forgiven any crime.


Sagittarius difficult to offend, they are not vindictive. They’re peaceful, but always act big, characteristic signs of Fire. And if you are offended, wait for a large-scale scandal. Yes this would be better if you brought Scorpion, he would have just killed the merciful. The archers will retaliate mentally. They tortured you so that you will want to go and hang himself. However, you can and forgiveness. Just do what is expected of you Archers. Or pretend you’re good with a broom, the poor they regret.


Capricorn can be hurt, but hard. Rather, the hostility arises because of the criticized work of Capricorn, or even due to the fact that you have managed to interfere with his business. Any interference Capricorn will be addressed efficiently and thoroughly. But if you just hurt Capricorn’s criticism, try to reasonably explain to him that criticized solely from a desire to help with the hard labor and ready to deliver and further, that he, the beloved, has achieved Zen Perfection. They will appreciate your concern and forgive. Sooner or later, one way or another.


Aquarius can be hurt by the rejection of their ideas. Offended Aquarius you’ll just leave, even to make trouble will not be. He immediately decides that you are is a jerk, began to doubt your mental abilities, will review the situation taking into account emerging factors, and leave. Where there are people capable of understanding his genius ideas where you may gain not all snobs like offenders. Find Aquarius and apologize, the ideas these guys may be odd, but often effective and beneficial.


You hurt the Fish? Take a look at them. See how they, the poor suffer, and all because of you! You are still not ashamed? Yes, you monster, my friend! Fish is easy to offend, but they are so good that, most likely, will forgive you. In addition, they understand that anger wrinkles, and premature ageing they just do not want. At the same time, forgiving you, they will make you look a villain and themselves as angels. And, deep down, like this idea. By the way, greatly offended the Fish can take revenge on the monstrous gossip stunning destructive power.

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