The most unfortunate couples in sign of the Zodiac — they are very hard to be together and not to quarrel

Самые неудачные пары по знаку Зодиака — им очень тяжело быть вместе и не ссориться

Were you ever in a relationship where no matter what you do, nothing happens? That’s like you and I loved each other, but were constantly arguing? And in the end, after hurts and disappointments, you were broken up.

Astrologers claim that it is possible to know in advance-get your relationship or not. And thus to avoid many disappointments. Through astrology it is possible to clarify – what you need to be prepared if you enter into a relationship with unfavorable for your sign people.

These 12 pairs-the most unfortunate pair you see. It is very difficult to be together and not fight.Read this article and find out the adverse partner for your zodiac sign.

1. Aries and Taurus.

Aries is extremely strong-willed and stubborn Taureans, because when a problem arises, it can be very difficult to solve. Taurus I always want to know at what stage of a relationship he can find, and it’s very annoying Aries. At parting Aries wants to just walk away and forget, and Taurus always needs an explanation.

2. Taurus and Sagittarius.

Taurus prefers to spend time in a relaxed home environment, and Sagittarius is in constant need of some adventure. The bulls simply can not withstand the enormous energy of Musketeers. Yes and the last don’t usually take everything seriously and have with him a wealth of experience.

3. Gemini and Capricorn.

This Union is an absolute disaster. The twins are very fun loving and constant talk, and Capricorns are extremely hard working and love to plan every detail of your life. Capricorn is not peculiar spontaneity, which is very annoying Twins.

4. Cancer and Aquarius.

Cancers are more homebodies, and Aquarians are freedom-loving. Cancers need to know and feel that they are loved, because they will irritate the tendency of Aquarius to directly point out errors and criticize.

5. The lion and the Scorpion.

Scorpio will not praise and pay compliments to the lion, which he so desperately needs. Lions consider themselves very beautiful, which is not suitable for the Scorpion, which is usually jealous.

6. Virgo and Sagittarius.

None of them are prone to a serious relationship. Sagittarians are carefree too (according to Dev) and I do not think how their actions may hurt the feelings of others. When they disappear for a few weeks, it is not normal for Virgins.

7. Libra and Virgo.

Virgo is inclined to criticize Libra, which causes those to doubt myself. Virgo always needs to be right, and it really gets on my nerves.

8. Scorpio and Aries.

This is a very explosive and intense Union which is nice if you’re the heroes of Shakespeare’s plays, but not for real life. Both signs are strong-willed, want to have absolute control and be on top.

9. The Sagittarius and the Capricorn.

Archers will always blame the Goats that they do not give them enough freedom to have fun. In addition, between these little signs of sexual attraction.

10. Pisces and Virgo.

Pisces is the dreamy and sensuous sign of the Zodiac, and Virgo is very practical and down-to-earth. Yes, opposites attract, but in your case it is a conflict of interest. Pisces, don’t get rid of fully from Dev in your life, because you can be a great long-lasting friendship.

11. Aquarius and Taurus.

These signs can not be normal communication. Taurus will be stubborn and stand your ground that would alienate Aquarius. Aquarians are very Bohemian and unusual, while the Bulls are more materialistic and conservative.

12. Gemini and Cancer.

This Union can happen if both have a good sense of humor. Gemini love socializing and leisure, and Cancers to stay home, but if you show a bit more patience and condescension, it might work. It’s not the worst option, but it does have its nuances.

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