The most useful berry in summer

Самая полезная ягода летом

Doctors recommend that in the absence of contraindications is actively currants.

The use of the BlackBerry brings many benefits, as this berry has incredibly high levels of vitamins and minerals. With the presence of berries in the diet is associated with a number of healing effects.

In particular, thanks to this extremely berry vitamin improves condition of blood vessels, normalization of blood pressure. According to medical professionals, oozing blackcurrant, hypertensive patients can protect themselves from pressure surges in the summer heat. But if you have problems with low blood pressure need to eat strictly currants in small quantities.

Currant also has beneficial effects on the microbiome in the oral cavity. It contains quercetin, which prevents the prevention of stomatitis, dental caries, halitosis.

The cores are very useful daily use currant juice or currant – berries are high in potassium. Even the currant has diuretic properties, and due to this quality it helps to deal with puffiness, often pestering. in the heat.

The use of currant, among other things, improves the condition of the gastrointestinal tract. Almost all types of berries, like red, black or white, improve peristalsis, help intestines effectively cleansed from unwanted and potentially dangerous substances.

Also, doctors say, the currants need to people suffering from stress and depression.


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